Kim Dotcom to Launch Encrypted Video Chat in 2015

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom of MegaUpload fame is ready to launch a new encrypted and secure, browser-based video chat and call service in 2015 which will challenge the popular Microsoft-owned Skype. Dubbed “MegaChat” the new service will be an extension of his current Mega file-storage service and will be far more secure than current video chat options online, including Skype.

Of German nationality, Dotcom is resident in New Zealand and achieved notoriety through the U.S. government take down of his previous company, MegaUpload.  He shortly afterwards launched a new service, Mega, which also offers both file-sharing and storage.  The new MegaChat service will shortly offer the new video chat and call service.

Kim Dotcom says that services of this nature based in the U.S. are unable to offer the privacy and security their customers need, as the companies are forced to comply with the various governmental agencies, who can demand access to the customer’s private data.

The expansion of Mega’s offerings was first mentioned back in February 2013, when it was stated that video, chat and email services were to be included in a secure and encrypted environment via the new company.  Now Kim Dotcom is to launch the encrypted video chat service at some time in 2015.

With the latest Twitter announcements from Dotcom, the new options will soon be available to the public. Dotcom debuted the encrypted video call service in October this year at a New Zealand political event, “The Moment of Truth.”  The event featured some of the more controversial people of the times, including Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, along with Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, who connected with the conference via the new MegaChat secure service.

Also at the conference were Kim Dotcom himself, Glen Greenwald, the journalist who released the Snowden information, along with Bob Amsterdam, attorney for Dotcom during his recent legal troubles.

Kim Dotcom bragged on Twitter that when Assange and Snowden spoke via his new system earlier in the year, the chat was both encrypted and also crystal-clear.  The video is included here and while the conference is on surveillance controversies and politics in New Zealand, and promoting the Internet Party in that country, it is an interesting view.  In the case here, however, the use of the MegaChat service can be viewed from the time position marked below:

According to Venture Beat, it is unknown when the new service will be available to the general public.  However, due to the fact that Internet users are far more wary these days of being under constant surveillance, the new service will become strong competition to the existing Skype video call service and will no doubt receive a warm welcome worldwide.

Dotcom was also in the news recently when he allegedly saved the holidays after Lizard Squad took down both Xbox Live and PlayStation 4 with a DDoS attack.

While he offered the hackers an undisclosed number of free vouchers for file storage with his Mega service, and the hackers accepted with pleasure and promised to desist, there were, apparently, problems for quite a while longer with the gaming platforms throughout Christmas Day and into the next. While some gamers were upset, thinking Kim Dotcom didn’t keep his promise, the fact that he will now launch an encrypted video chat service at some time in 2015 will no doubt cheer them up.

By Anne Sewell


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