Kim Kardashian Facing Extreme Struggle to Become Pregnant Again?


Kim Kardashian is reportedly facing an extremely large uphill battle when it comes to getting pregnant for the second time. Her doctors have told her that despite her best efforts involving her health and well-being in order to increase her chances, the likelihood of it happening are unfortunately not very high.

She and husband Kanye West are said to have been trying for another child for the past nine months – this according to the reality television star herself. Sources connected with the couple say the rapper has been nothing short of obsessed with the idea of giving his wife a new baby for her birthday – exactly one year after he proposed to her in a still-talked about extravagant gesture that took place at the San Francisco Giants’ baseball stadium and involved hundreds of roman candles and a 50-piece orchestra. His efforts though, however valiant they may be, are reportedly not working in the slightest.

The pair have been seeing a fertility doctor on a monthly basis for quite some time, with West being said to attend every one of them he possibly can unless he has a prior entertainment commitment that would cause him to be unable to. Said doctor, as well as others, have told Kardashian that her being able to conceive for a second time is a long shot, given that it was something of a miracle that she managed to get pregnant even once. Reports have stated that a total of three specialists informed her and West that, due to fertility issues, Kardashian’s chances of having a baby were extremely slim. The aforementioned odds were beaten, however, with the 34-year-old giving birth to daughter North West in June of 2013 with absolutely no complications regarding the child, other than the fact that she was born five weeks prior to her due date.

The pair were reportedly under the impression that the task would be easier, given that it had already happened once, despite doctors’ warnings to not get their hopes up for it to occur ever. This, however, is not at all how it works, according to the specialists in question. While the two got extremely lucky with North’s conception and doctors admit it was an extremely marvelous and rare thing to happen given her circumstances, they are urging her to understand the reality of the situation and try to come to turns with the fact that it most likely will not happen again. They are not leaving her completely without hope, however; doctors are said to have encouraged her to try and reduce her stress in any way possible in order to up her chances, including cutting down on traveling as much as possible in order to relax and let nature better take its course. Kardashian took a recent trip to her fertility specialist this past Tuesday, ending in her and West coming out of the clinic looking less than enthused about the news they had been given regarding their latest efforts to conceive.

It remains to be seen whether or not Kardashian’s doctors will be proved correct or false regarding their statement that the California native will most likely not be able to have a second child. Despite the recent negative news, however, the pair are said to be not giving up on the dream in any manner whatsoever.

By Rebecca Grace

San Jose Mercury News
Photo by Noel Vasquez – Flickr License

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