Justin Bieber Buys Tricked Out Private Jet to Win Selena Gomez Back?

Justin Bieber recently bought himself an extremely extravagant Christmas gift, in the form of a private jet decked out with all the bells and whistles he’s ever wanted. Although he is said to have always wanted his own plane, new speculation has come to light suggesting that it may have also been a move to win back the affection of his on-again-off-again love, Selena Gomez. The two have been on the outs again for a few months now, and sources claiming to be close to the singer say that he is ready to try and make it work once more.

Said insider has given a statement to HollywoodLife in which they detailed the Canadian pop star’s alleged plan to convince the Come & Get It hit-maker to become romantically involved with him again. They say that Bieber is hoping to surprise her with the idea of a romantic getaway via the new private jet, and believes there is a definite chance that she will say yes. He reportedly used to talk to his love interest on a regular basis about how he wanted to purchase a plane, and trick it out to his heart’s content. Now that he has managed to get his hands on one and decorate accordingly as per his lifelong dream, the source says Bieber believes he is one step closer to rekindling the pair’s romance. The 20-year-old is said to be optimistic towards the possibility that Gomez may be so swept off her feet at the romantic gesture that she will not hesitate to go with him and put the plan in action.

Aside from possibly using the new jet as a relationship kickstarter, Bieber is said to be ecstatic over its purchase mostly because of the breaks it cuts him when traveling, in terms of it being far less of a hassle to go from place to place as frequently as he does (given that he is an international pop star.) The singer is reportedly sick of being stuck at airport security for hours on end, going through the necessary security precautions and searches, etc. Access to his own jet eliminates this inconvenience entirely, making it so he can get to where he needs to go faster and spend more time enjoying his trip versus cutting through all the aforementioned red tape.

It is also said to be much easier in terms of getting swarmed by fans or naysayers, something that reportedly happens to Bieber quite a bit while making his way through airports and the like. Even when the attention is good attention and involves interactions with fans who adore him and simply want an autograph signed, it is said to make missing his plane a definite worry on some occasions due to his wanting to include everybody and not shut anybody down for any reason.

It remains to be seen whether or not the aforementioned unknown source’s report that Justin Bieber bought his private jet to win over Selena Gomez is actually true. Neither singer has alluded to anything of the sort, and as of now all that is confirmed is that the Toronto native purchased the plane merely for entertainment and convenience purposes.

By Rebecca Grace

Hollywood Life
Photo by Mark Ashman – Flickr License

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