Kentucky Car Hit With Boulder


A person was injured today in Pulaski County, Kentucky, south of Lexington, when the car they were in was hit with a falling boulder. Witnesses reported to television station LEX 18, that the accident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. Friday near Burnside Island near US 27. The witness said that it looked like the car hit a rock wall, knocking loose a boulder which fell onto the vehicle.

Once emergency personal were able to arrive on scene, the person was removed from the car attended to, and then was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital. There has been no word since the helicopter left the scene on the condition of the individual at this time, but the though is that any injuries must be of a severe nature to warrant an airlift to the hospital.

Since LEX 18 arrived on location, the car and the scene has been cleared. The quick clean-up made sure travel is not delayed any more than necessary on this day after Christmas.

By Carl Auer

Lex 18
Photo by Lisa Norwood – Flickr License

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