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Kim Kardashian Picked on by Nicki Minaj and SNL



It really looks like SNL upped their comedic game on Saturday with host James Franco, with his BFF Seth Rogen popping in for a couple of cameos, and the writers of the show outdid themselves by picking on Kim Kardashian via Nicki Minaj in their Weekend Update portion of the episode. The 31 year old rapper came out as Kim, complete with long hair and boobs that threatened to pop out of her top, to speak to the anchor Colin. In the skit, Kardashian is upset about that photoshoot and she claims that everything has been taken out of context.

In the sketch, Nicki’s face and head are superimposed on top of Kim’s body and each picture from the Kardashian photo layout for Paper magazine is recreated. In what can be seen as a doubly clever gag, Minaj as Kardashian claims that the shots were photoshopped to change the real meaning behind the pictures. Considering the charges that those photos were photoshopped by the press and quite a large number of folks who are not fans of Kim, the joke was a good one.

Nicki Minaj picking on Kim kardashian while guesting on SNL, looked like a lot of fun…for her. The Anaconda singer had a twinkle in her eyes that proved she was getting a big kick out of poking fun at Kanye West’s missus. Granted, Nicki was also amusing in the other skit she took part in, although to be far, she was playing herself. In that particular gag, she was in Pete Davidson’s memory as the butt twitching singer of the only two lyrics he could remember from one of her music videos.

Having James Franco and Minaj interact in a sketch was proof that the writers and the folks in charge of SNL were firing on all cylinders. Why have a musical guest appear and not use him or her, or even them, in sketches with the cast and/or the host? This kind of opportunity is just not to be willfully missed, so kudos to all involved. Nicki as Kim was very funny, as was the idea of the gag itself, and the bit where Kardashian was, in reality, going through a medical check up was genuinely funny and possibly the highlight of the entire Weekend Update skit. The Nicki/Kim claim that the photograph was really a public service announcement hit that funny bone just right.

Apart from Kardashian being poked fun at by Saturday Night Live writers, the show featured Kate McKinnon doing her brilliant Justin Bieber impression and nothing else really. While McKinnon never fails to hit all the comic notes firmly with her Bieber posturing, it was disappointing that she only appeared as the Biebs and a tied up Wendy in the live Peter Pan parody in the show. Kate McKinnon being underused aside, it does make one wonder just how Kim Kardashian felt about being picked on by both Nicki Minaj and SNL. In all likelihood North’s mommy is probably okay with it. After all, a celebrity who is famous for being famous, and for being in a certain sex tape that started the whole thing, any publicity is good. No? At any rate, Minaj was impressive with her ability to read those cue cards, a feat that the regulars on SNL have still to master. Below is the video of Nicki as Kim on Saturday Night Live. Enjoy.

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