Los Angeles Police Shooting Victim Ezell Ford Autopsy Reveal Three Bullets

Los Angeles

In August, Los Angeles Police shot and killed Ezell Ford Jr. Since his death, autopsy reports have remained unknown to the public. Later today LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will be giving a conference to discuss the report in detail.

This is the first time autopsy reports of the case have been made public. According to the coroner, Ford died of multiple gunshots, one in right arm, one on the right side and one in the back. He also had several possible injuries on his left hand, elbow and forearm.

Ezell Ford Jr., 25-year-old black male, was shot on August 11. Witness reports and police reports are in dispute, but it is believed that Ford was on the ground struggling against police. Reports noted that Ford tried to take gun from the holster of one of the policeman. The wound on Ford’s back reveals a “muzzle imprint,” meaning that the wound came from a gun that was fired at very close range.

By Garrett Jutte
Los Angeles Times

Photo by Steven Bevacqua – Flickr Licence

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