Ludacris Joins Different Sort of ‘Mile High Club’


Hip-hop star and Rising Star judge, Ludacris, joined the Mile High club, of sorts, though maybe not exactly the kind most people think of when they hear that term, when he popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie, 27, aboard a private jet on the way to the island of Costa Rica and asked her if she would marry him. This took place while they were on their way to vacation there after Christmas day.

The way he proposed marriage was romantic, though perhaps a bit unusual to many people. Also along for the ride were friends and family members, such as LeToya Luckett and her boyfriend, producer Jo Blaque; race car driver Marco Andretti and his girlfriend, model Marta Krupa; and the singer Monica, and her husband, former NBA Miami Heat star Shannon Brown.

Did Eudoxie say “yes,” to the proposal? According to Ludacris, 37, who used Instagram to post a photo collage of the big moment, Eudoxie’s response was not “Yes,” but it was “H*ll yes!”

Ludacris and Eudoxie have had their share of dramatic moments in their six-year relationship, according to BET and other sources. The course of true love has not been all smooth sailing for the couple. An example of this was when the hip-hop singer had a baby with another woman in 2013. Reportedly, he and Eudoxie were having a break in their relationship when this all went down.

Though that relationship is now over and done with, Ludacris still wants to maintain contact with his baby daughter. The mother of his daughter has been keeping him spending a lot of his time tied up in court battles over issues involving child support and custody of the infant.

What might seem like an extravagant marriage proposal to many, proposing to one’s girlfriend in midair aboard a private jet, is just the way Ludacris rolls. In the photos that he posted on Instagram, in one photo, Eudoxie is seen covering her face in happiness. Then, according to a report by, she cuddled up to the hip-hop star while sitting on his lap.

Ludacris did not blurt out something like “Eudoxie, will you marry me?” Instead, the private jet flew over a field, and down below, there was a message in huge letters saying “Eudoxie, will you marry me?” That is when his girlfriend excitedly accepted. Ludacris used the hashtag #milehighproposal at the social media site to announce the good news to his friends, family and fans.

The romantic nature of the proposal Ludacris made to Eudoxie as they both joined a different sort of Mile High Club was a terrific way for them to begin their vacation together in Costa Rica. She wrote a post of her own, using the same hashtag, calling the day Ludacris proposed to her aboard the private jet the best one of her life. One of the few remaining questions now will be if they have set a marriage date, yet. Hopefully, Ludacris and Eudoxie will spend the rest of their lives happily together, with a minimum of drama and conflict.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Mark Runyon – Flickr License

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