Mama June Shannon and Daughter Anna Cardwell Begin to Make Amends

June Shannon, a.k.a Mama June and former matriarchal figure of now canceled hit TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, has begun to patch things up with her daughter Anna Cardwell. The pair reportedly began to put the past behind them starting this weekend, but both say that they know it will in no way be an overnight process.

The reconciliation is said to have begun after the 35-year-old handed over a cheque for over $15,000. As for why she committed this act, it relates to Cardwell having publicly accused her mother of swiping finances from her personal trust fund, which had been building up significantly since her time on HCHBB. The 20-year-old told Entertainment Tonight that she had become aware of her mother’s actions upon calling her bank and hearing that she had a little under $20. She says she quickly deduced that Shannon must have been draining the account for her own benefit, which Cardwell alleges included that of buying her new boyfriend extravagant gifts and helping him set his life back up after spending 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

Shannon, however, says that these accusations are simply not true. While she admits taking the funds from her daughter’s account, she claims that the reason behind this lay with the fact that she was using it to cover Cardwell’s monthly expenses as the girl was not entirely capable of pulling off everything she needed per month on her own. These expenses included her rent, cell bill, and spending money. Shannon says that Cardwell knew full well that she was doing this as they had an agreement, and therefore she was absolutely stunned when she found out her daughter was publicly blasting her as a thief who used her daughter’s personal income to spoil a child molester.

Shannon’s alleged rekindling of her former romance with said child molester, Mark McDaniel, is the reason why the pair fell out in the first place. The man was sentenced to a decade-long prison sentence for the violation of Cardwell, when she was merely eight years old. The Georgia native is said to have never really gotten over the man during his incarceration, going so far as to keep a box of mementos of their relationship in the family home, something her following partner Sugar Bear (whom she was with for eight years prior to their recent breakup) was extremely uncomfortable over and let it be known to her that he did not think it was acceptable in the slightest. Indeed, it is said to be one of the core reasons why the two fell apart in the end, especially after Shannon met up with McDaniel immediately after his release. Cardwell was astounded that her mother would once again spend time with the man who molested her own daughter, and the pair’s relationship fell through the cracks entirely at this point.

Cardwell, however, is attempting to forgive her mother for her actions and being given the check replenishing her earnings is said to have helped a lot in the matter. Their reunion negotiations are reportedly going so well that not only are the two video chatting twice a day, Cardwell is reportedly allowing her mother to spend time with her two-year-old granddaughter, Kaitlyn. She says she believes her mother that there has been no contact with McDaniel since September, and that the only reason there was revolved around her younger sister Lauryn’s need for closure regarding the man she believed to be her father most of her life.

It remains to be seen whether or not June Shannon and daughter Anna Cardwell can truly make amends and move on with their lives following the mother’s interactions with child molester Mark McDaniel. However, the pair have been making their best efforts and sources connected with the situation say that things are definitely looking optimistic.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
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