Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear Reunite for Epic Wal-Mart Soda Run

Former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarchal figure June Shannon (Mama June) and estranged partner Sugar Bear (real name Mike Thompson) recently reunited for something of a legendary soda shopping trip at a local Wal-Mart. The pair was seen epically stocking up on various brands of their family’s choice carbonated beverages, presumably to stock up for the Christmas season.

June and Sugar took to a McIntyre outlet to complete their shopping this past Tuesday, and it is not yet known who snapped their photographs. They were seen headed to the checkout with a cart stocked to the brim of Pepsi and Mountain Dew, the latter soda brand being an infamous favorite of youngest clan member Alana Thompson (the TLC reality show’s namesake, Honey Boo Boo.)

Indeed, the now nine-year-old girl rose to fame during a taping of fellow network reality show Toddlers & Tiaras, in which she was videotaped drinking GoGo juice (a combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull), and literally bouncing off the walls in hyperactive activity afterwards. Shannon and Thompson were subsequently to a child abuse investigation following the airing of said footage, as giving energy drinks to children under 12 is considered to be extremely unsafe and even potentially fatal due to the increased heart rate the beverage inflicts on the drinker.

Shannon’s relationship with former partner Sugar Bear has been rocky at best in the past few months, but the pair are said to be working through things in order to get their relationship back to the state in which it used to be in, or at the very least trying their hardest to make it happen. They are still living together at the family home despite the turmoil their union has been through since September, but it is widely speculated that the biggest reason for their continuation of cohabitation lies with Georgia Family Service’s ultimatum that Shannon either live with Thompson or face losing custody of her children entirely.

The reason for the aforementioned ultimatum lies with the fact that, back at the beginning of this Fall, it was revealed that Shannon had reportedly been spending time with Mark McDaniel (a convicted child molester), who was released back in March of this year following a 10 year sentence given to him for the violation of the 35-year-old’s own daughter back when she was just eight years old. The news broke when popular celebrity news/gossip website TMZ leaked a photograph of Shannon lying in a hotel bed with McDaniel during a group event said to have taken place shortly following his release. As more details came to light, it was made known to the public that one of the core reasons that she and Sugar Bear had broken up was due to the decade long flame she had held for McDaniel, even going so far as to keep a box of mementos detailing their relationship in the family home despite Thompson’s objections.

Shortly following this revelation, new pictures came to light showing Honey Boo Boo and McDaniel in the same vicinity, with the man’s hand on her shoulder as Shannon smiled on. This is the main reason why social services stepped in, as they were extremely alarmed that the woman would allow such a man around her youngest daughter given what he had done to her oldest one and been subsequently incarcerated for.

It remains to be seen whether or not June Shannon and Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s recent Wal-Mart soda run together is any indication regarding the impending repair of their broken union. The two are still said to be doing their best to get past all of the events that have happened so far, although they have both admitted that it will be extremely hard to do so given the circumstances.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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