Nintendo Wii U Ready to Dominate Holiday Sales


With the holidays coming up, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be battling to take the title of most purchased game console. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have lots of power and precision, but they have a target audience that is not as large as the Wii U target audience. This season people will be buying these new consoles for loved ones, but the amount of kids desperately searching for that special present is too big to overlook, with that perspective it becomes clear that the Wii U is ready to dominate sales this holiday season.

Gone are the times when families did not know that Nintendo had made anything since the Wii. Without proper clarification, those outside of the gaming world were mostly unaware of the hole Nintendo had been sinking in. Now, they have a game, or two rather, that easily illustrate the idea of a new console, those games being Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Those that had the Wii know this Mario Kart is new because the one on the Wii was called Mario Kart Wii. Plus, the new Smash bros game has Wii U in the title.

Aside from the 3DS what really brought Nintendo back? The very thing that will continue to reel in the money, Mario Kart 8. Fortunately, the game is excellent as well as easy for any random individual to pick up and understand. The game already skyrocketed the sales of the Wii U when it launched but Nintendo has more in store; downloadable content. Two content packs were announced for Mario Kart 8, the first of which already released, the other is set to release sometime in Spring of 2015. Both additions lure players in with new characters, karts, and eight new tracks per content pack. The quality and quantity are extraordinary considering the two content packs can be bundled for only $11.99.

The Wii U was not selling well because it was still waiting for a few good games to really propel it forward and now that Nintendo has that they are tempting gamers with future possibilities. What future titles could be good enough to assure console owners and tempt those without? The next Zelda and Starfox game, both of which were described as coming out next year during The Game Awards 2014. However, Starfox is said to be coming out first. This might seem odd because Nintendo recently showed off the new Zelda.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Nintendo actually showed off gameplay for the new Zelda. The game footage shows off potential, but ultimately leaves very much open to the interpretation of the viewer. With so little to go off of, fans can still image the world to be as wonderful as they want it to be. Now that Nintendo has the spotlight back, the Wii U will be on many Christmas lists and commercial ads. Do Sony or Microsoft really stand a chance against Nintendo this holiday season or will they both be dominated?

By Garrett Jutte
Game N Guide

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2 Responses to "Nintendo Wii U Ready to Dominate Holiday Sales"

  1. turingtst   December 8, 2014 at 7:48 am

    Dominate? I love Nintendo, but it’s obvious that they have conceded any hope of that happening this generation by not putting a competitive price on the console. Microsoft has done the opposite with their price cut and bundles, and that has probably put the One back in the running against the PS4 for the best selling console in the US.

    The good thing about Nintendo is that they will continue to support the console with great games even if it isn’t selling well.

  2. Jordan   December 7, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Things are definitely looking better than ever for the Wii U, and I don’t think it has anywhere to go but up from here, but to say it’ll dominate the XOne or the PS4 at this point may be a bit of a stretch. It ignores how well the ps4 and one are doing. Anything is possible, and the Wii U certainly won’t be the failure some predicted, but “dominate” is just too strong of a way to put it.


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