Ohio Man Killed Himself Playing Russian Roulette


Police have confirmed that the cause of death of a man who shot himself on Monday night was that he ha been playing Russian roulette and shot himself, according to KSN.com, an NBC affiliate. Whitehall police investigated the case for several days, including going over the account with friends of the deceased man, before confirming the cause of his death.

KSN.com reports that the Columbus Dispatch stated the man, Rashaun McCrae, asked an 18-year-old friend if he wanted to play Russian roulette. The friend said that he declined, and left the room. Then, he stated that he heard a shot coming from the kitchen, where he had left McCrae.

According to a woman, 23, who also spoke to the police, McCrae showed the gun to her and another friend, put a single bullet into the gun, and fired after he placed the gun’s barrel to his head.

A 911 caller stated to the Ohio police that she could hear someone shouting, asking “why would you do this?”

Police in Ohio have confirmed that a man who shot himself on Monday night did so because he was attempting to play Russian roulette. Despite not being succesful in talking a friend into playing with him, the man, Rashaun McCrae, shot himself in the head.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by dfirecop – Flickr License

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