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Once Upon a Time: Shattered Sight (Recap/Review)


once upon a timeAfter Emma and Elsa failed to stop Ingrid from casting the Shattered Sight curse over Storybrooke in the previous episode of Once Upon a Time, the situation is quite chaotic now. The residents became very violent and even Mary Margaret and David turned against each other. Will Emma and Elsa manage to stop Ingrid and break her curse?

The Shattered Sight episode of Once Upon a Time opens with Ingrid, who entered our world back in 1982. She is looking for Emma and few years later, she finds her. Apparently, the two of them were very close while Ingrid was her foster mother and she was even planning on adopting Emma. However, things did not end well, because Ingrid tried to show Emma that she is special and she ran away when Ingrid told her stop a car with her powers and Swan almost died. When Emma came to Storybrooke a decade later, she stumbled upon Ingrid and she freaked out when she saw her there, so Ingrid took away all of her memories and Emma forgot that she ever knew her.

The curse really turned people against each other and Mary Margaret and David are no exception. Emma and Elsa have no idea what to do, but Anna remembers that the Snow Queen got the idea for the curse from the Tholden Glass legend. The curse was then broken when they killed the king, so this means that they have to kill Ingrid in order to break the curse. Elsa does not believe that killing Ingrid is the answer, but Emma is willing to kill her if this means that the curse will be broken. So, the two of them find Ingrid, however, they cannot hurt her because of the ribbons. After they try several things to get rid of the ribbons, Emma comes up with the idea that maybe Regina’s magic can destroy them.

Well, Regina is back to being the Evil Queen again, but she is trapped, because she sealed herself into her vault. Emma manages to enter and when she faces Regina, she wants to make her angry, so she tells her that she brought Marion back because she knew who she is and she did not want Regina to find her happy ending. Well, Regina looses it and she attacks Emma, but she hits the ribbons and they are finally destroyed. Emma and Elsa run, however, Regina is now free and as she comes to the police station, she finds David and Mary Margaret. Regina tells them that she will take their baby, but Mary Margaret asks her if she really cannot defeat her without using magic. So, Regina waves her hand and she sends Anna and Kristoff back to where they came from and she gets into a sword duel with Mary Margaret.

While everyone in Storybrooke is fighting out on the streets, Gold is packing and he is anxious to leave. He tells Hook that he must find Henry, but the boy does not trust the pirate now that he is under the curse, so he runs away. Well, when Hook returns, Gold tells him that he will spare everyone in Storybrooke if they stay out of his way, but he cannot say that for the rest of the world. Apparently, Gold has a lager plan in motion and if he in fact manages to free himself from the dagger and if he leaves Storybrooke, the rest of the world will be in grave danger.

Emma and Elsa face Ingrid, who is devastated to see that they do not have their ribbons anymore. She tells them that they will love her once she gives them their memories back and Emma tells her that you cannot make someone love you. Their conversation is interrupted by Anna, who accidentally found the bottle at the beach where Regina sent her and Kristoff. Anna found the letter from her mother and when she starts reading it out loud, it becomes obvious that her mother felt very guilty for trapping Ingrid inside that urn. At the bottom of the letter, there is also a crystal that contains memories of Ingrid and Helga. When Ingrid touches the crystal, she sees all of these memories and she fells down on her knees. She realizes that she must stop the curse, but the only way to do that is if she dies. Ingrid says her goodbyes and she tells Anna, Elsa and Emma that she will now finally be with her sisters. After that, Ingrid is gone and the curse is broken. Despite the fact that she was the villain, it was sad to see Ingrid die.

The Shattered Sight episode was full of surprises and it was also quite funny. It was great to see Mary Margaret and Regina fighting with a sword and to later see them laughing hard when the curse was broken. However, the Snow Queen may be gone, but the Dark One still has his plan in motion and it appears that he will be causing a lot of troubles in the upcoming episodes of Once Upon a Time. The mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time, titled Heroes and Villains, will air on Dec. 14 on ABC.

By: Janette Verdnik


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