PlayStation 4 Goes Back to Its Roots for 20th Anniversary [Video]

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The PlayStation 4 is going back to its roots for the system’s twentieth anniversary by releasing a retro version of the console that reflects the very first PlayStation console ever. The special edition is set to be released in a limited amount in the U.S. beginning on Dec. 6, 2014.

The new model features the grey-colored scheme of the PS1 complete with the iconic “PS” symbol in the original primary colors. The controller for the console will also resemble the original, with the exception of the new touch pad made especially for the PlayStation 4. The overall color palette of the new edition is what truly allows for the lovable sense of nostalgia.

Priced at $499 in the states, the new grey PS4 will only have a maximum of 12,300 copies for sale. Players who want to get their hands on this classic gaming system will have to act quickly as many die-hard PlayStation 4 fans will be scooping the consoles up as soon as retailers put them on the shelves. The system is said to be made available in traditional retail stores, so finding the location of the system should not be a problem, only getting one’s hands on a copy before they are gone is the issue.

If one happens to already own a PlayStation 4 and does not feel the need to set themselves back half a grand for a twentieth anniversary edition, they will still be able to acquire a similar sense of classic PS1 nostalgia if they so wish. The PlayStation Network has recently released a theme for the console’s software that reflects the grey tone of the original system. One of the more notable aspects of the theme is the startup screen, where players will hear the familiar tunes and see the “PS” icon fade into the picture that were present when one would put in their latest PS1 game disc.

The aforementioned PlayStation 4 theme will also change a number of the home screen’s icons to resemble the retro feel even more. The theme can be downloaded via the PlayStation network now and is also available for use on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita mobile device. The release of this theme on multiple platforms is a smart move on Sony’s part as many of the fans of the original games from back in the day are sure to come out of the woodworks to delve into the mass amounts of nostalgia the company is offering.

The original PlayStation gaming console was released on Dec. 3, 1994 and on that date twenty years later, the announcement was made that the PlayStation 4 would receive the retro makeover honoring the original release. The special edition is reportedly available in Japan and is available for pre-order in America, but will not actually reach the shelves until this Saturday.

As the PlayStation 4 goes back to its roots for the twentieth anniversary of the Sony gaming console, fans will undoubtably flock to grasp ahold of the nostalgia that charmed them many years ago. The announcement trailer for the special edition of the PS4 can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

NY Daily News

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