Police Psychologist Dearden Shot Husband to Avoid Divorce, Say Court Docs


Kenneth Dearden, in court documents filed as part of a lawsuit against his wife, a former senior psychologist with the New York City Police Department, recalls waking up on Nov. 14, 2013 at 4 a.m. with excruciating pain in his jaw and a blood-covered pillow, but never considered that he had been shot by his wife, who he believes wanted to kill him to avoid a divorce.

He went downstairs to find his wife, Emily Dearden, 46, on the floor of the family room of the Yonkers, N.Y., home in which they lived with their two daughters. His wife’s eyes were closed and she told him she had been struck on the head.

Kenneth Dearden called police and reported that someone had broken into the house, but upon their arrival, police discovered that not only had the home alarm not sounded, but the family’s dog, a Rottweiler known for barking, had not made a sound. According to Dearden, although the dog always slept in he and his wife’s bedroom, it was in their daughter’s room that morning, and she told him that Emily Dearden had put it there.

In addition, police found no signs that the home had been broken into. Dearden alleges that the alarm had been disarmed just prior to the shooting, and that only he and Emily Dearden knew the code. While being taken to the hospital, Kenneth discovered his pain was due to being shot in the base of his skull, causing investigators to return to the scene in order to take another look.

In his lawsuit, Kenneth Dearden, a real estate developer and president of the Yonkers Downtown/Waterfront Business Improvement District, alleges that his wife had been having a lengthy affair with a Texan named Warren David Roudebush, which led to her trying to kill him rather than go through what would surely be an acrimonious divorce. He also describes what he believes to be incriminating behavior by his wife in the aftermath of the early morning events on Nov. 14, including Emily Dearden neglecting to ensure the safety of their children after the alleged home intrusion, but rather going downstairs by herself. Police later discovered guns which Emily had been given by her parents in the lower level of the home.

Kenneth Dearden’s lawsuit alleges that the caliber of a bullet in one of the pistols was similar with that of the bullet removed from his head. In addition, Kenneth reveals that Emily Dearden had declined to travel to the hospital with him. When police arrived back on the scene to conduct a more thorough investigation, she was washing the clothes which she had been wearing. In addition, she asked the authorities if they had a search warrant.

The lawsuit also alleges that Roudebush had traveled to New York on the day the shooting occurred and that Emily Dearden and he had seen each other before she went to see her husband in the hospital the next day. Kenneth Dearden alleges that Roudebush had been pressuring Emily to leave her husband so that they could be together.

Nine months after Kenneth Dearden was shot, Emily Dearden filed for divorce.  Kenneth filed the lawsuit in Westchester County two weeks before Emily was arrested for second-degree attempted murder. The NYPD assigned Emily to administrative duties after the shooting, and suspended her after her arrest. She is out on $150,000 bail pending her trial and has been ordered to keep away from Kenneth and their daughters. Emily has denied having an affair or trying to kill her husband and vows to fight the charges. She will also seek to be able to visit her children.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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