Rape at Johns Hopkins Frat House

Two men have been charged with the rape of a 16-year old girl at a Johns Hopkins frat house. The alleged crime was reported in the early hours on November 2, 2014. The 16-year old victim told authorities that she was forced by two men to perform sexual acts on them then they forcibly raped her. The two men have been identified as 20-year-old Chaz Haggins and 19-year old Ethan Turner. Neither the suspects or the victim are students of Johns Hopkins.

The alleged rape occurred at an off campus fraternity house that is occupied by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The college fraternity chapter was hosting a Halloween party. The victim told authorities that the two men forced her into the bathroom of the frat house at around 4 am and then began sexually assaulting her. The young girl, after reporting the sexual assault to police, told them that she didn’t know her attackers.

The victim was visiting Johns Hopkins to see her sister who goes to school on campus when the rape at the frat house occurred. After the rape, the victim made the decision to call the crime into authorities. After reporting the rape, the victim was given a breathalyzer which showed that she had a blood alcohol content of .11.

According to the Center for Disease Control, at .11 blood alcohol content an individual is considered to be intoxicated. At this level, one could become disoriented, have a slower reaction time, and a loss of control and inhibitions. It also states that an individual’s thinking becomes much slower, their speech becomes slurred, and they will have poor coordination. In an individual under the age of 18, these symptoms can occur with a much lower BAC level of .02. Considering the amount of alcohol that was in the victims system, she was most likely much more intoxicated than an adult would be at the same BAC level.

The two individuals who have been accused of the rape at the Johns Hopkins frat house have been arrested. The two suspects, Turner and Haggins, both from nearby Reisterstown are currently being detained at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Matthew Frailing, the lawyer for Ethan Turner, made a statement saying that his client maintains his innocence and is awaiting his day in trial. He refused to make any further comments. A lawyer for Chaz Haggins could not be reached. Both men will reside at the Baltimore City Detention Center until trial after both of them were denied bail.

Shortly after the rape allegations were made, the fraternity house was placed on interim suspension. The suspension will remain intact while the fraternity house is investigated for multiple violations that went on that night, including underage drinking. The national headquarters for Sigma Alpha Epsilon stated that they, too, will be conducting an investigation into the alleged rape because they do not want to be tolerant or representative of such behaviors that go against their core values.

This incident of rape at the Johns Hopkins frat house may not have been the first rape or sexual assault accusation that has been tied to the university. Johns Hopkins has been under investigation for a while now for the manner in which they choose to handle their sexual assault accusations says authorities, and further investigations will continue.

By Kelli Patterson

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  1. Trish Smith (@LovThyself1st)   December 4, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I swear. Some men are like animals. Like they see something they like and they take it, regardless if it’s wanted or not. It must be their genetic makeup. SMH


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