Revenge: Intel (Recap/Review)

RevengeNinth episode of Revenge, titled Intel, was not as tense as some previous episodes, however, some surprising things were revealed. The creators of the show once again proved that nothing is at is seems in Revenge and things will most likely get a little bit complicated now.

Intel episode opens with Emily, who is torturing one of David’s attackers, but he does not want to talk. Their interrogation is interrupted by Ben, who visits Emily and he wants to talk to her. She tells him that it is past midnight and Ben says that he would just like to ask her out. Well, Ems disappoints him when she says that she is not dating right now, so Ben apologizes for disturbing and he leaves. Emily continues her interrogation, but the guy appears to be unbreakable, since he does not say a word.

The next day, Emily learns that the police caught David’s second attacker, but he hanged himself. However, Ems believes that someone from the inside killed him, because he was a thug for hire and not a true believer, who would commit suicide over a job. So, she accepts Ben’s invitation and she goes on a date with him, but he soon realizes that she only did that in order to get information on Chief Edward Alvarez, because she believes that he was the only one, who had the access and the means to kill that guy and to make it look like a suicide. Well, Ben is disappointed when he realizes that Ems was just using him, so he leaves her alone at the bar.

Meanwhile, Victoria finds out that the police caught Conrad’s killer and when she asks David why he did not tell her, they get into a fight. Vicky says that she has a feeling that she has to prove herself over and over again and David asks her where was she when he was in prison. She tells him that she still remembers September 1st, 1993, because this was the day when they were supposed to leave with Daniel and Amanda, to start a new life together and Vicky kept thinking about this date even after David was sent to prison. Victoria tells David that she would leave with him right now, if he would just ask, but  he tells her that he is not going anywhere without his daughter.

Well, apparently,David and Victoria hid a lot of money into a safe and while Vicky was the one to come up with the combination for the safe, David was the one, who was supposed to hide it. He now thinks that the combination is this date and when he tries it, the safe unlocks. Later that day, David visits Nolan and he gives him the combination and the location of the safe and he asks him to give the content to every news outlet in America in case he does not come back. David tells Nolan that the guy, who is coming after him, is Malcolm Black and he ran an illegal arms operation out of a compound in Canada. Malcolm smuggled David into Canada after he was stabbed in prison and he forced him to launder money or he would kill Amanda. When David fled, he took evidence to protect himself and now he wants to find Malcolm to tell him that. Well, Nolan tells him that there might be another way, because he planed a tracker onto a guy, who was Emily’s prisoner, but Nolan set him free, despite the fact that Ems was later furious because of that. So, David finds this guy and he tells him to give an envelope to his boss or he will keep finding him.

In Intel episode, Victoria again proves that she would do just about everything to keep David. After she finds out that Malcolm sent those men that attacked David, because he owes him a lot of money, she gives Amanda’s picture to her informant and she tells him that there is another solution if it is money that Malcolm wants. She puts a note on that picture that Emily Thorne is the key and when she hands it over to her informant, she says that she trust that he will get that in the right hands and keep hers clean.

Daniel is trying to win Margaux back, but she keeps rejecting him. When he is once again looking for consolation in alcohol, he sees Emily and he starts talking to her. She tells him that he never fights for anything and this obviously gives him motivation, since he goes straight to Margaux’s office. However, she is not in the mood for conversation, because Nolan just told her that he will not give her Louise’s criminal record and she has no story on her now. Well, Daniel is not giving up so easily and when he asks her why did she decide that it is over between the two of them, she tells him that she did this because she is pregnant.

Revenge‘s Intel episode closes with Emily, who joins Ben on a basketball court and she tells him that she did accept his invitation just to get information about Chief Alvarez. So, Ben tells her that he will tell her everything that she wants to know and then they can go on a real date. During their conversation, Emily learns that Alvarez was not at the police station when that guy committed suicide, however, the feds also had access and she immediately knows that it was the FBI Agent Kate Taylor, who killed David’s attacker. Well, while Ems is talking to Ben, Jack visits Kate at her hotel room and as the two of them start kissing passionately, it becomes pretty clear that they will spend the night together.

Given the fact that Kate is obviously working for Malcolm, things will most likely get quite dirty in the upcoming episodes of Revenge. Since Victoria also has a dangerous plan in motion, Emily might soon be in grave danger, but luckily, this time, she has her father by her side to protect her. Next episode of Revenge, titled Atonement, will air on Dec. 7, on ABC.

By: Janette Verdnik


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