Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Gets Engaged to New Girlfriend [Video]

Sebastian Bach, former frontman of the hit 80’s rock band Skid Row, has become engaged to his girlfriend of just a few months. The singer broke the news to a TMZ photographer on Sunday night, shortly after leaving Hollywood hot spot Madeo with the woman, Suzanne Le.

Upon the pair’s exit from the Italian restaurant, the cameraman in question approached them and asked the 46-year-old if the rumors he had been hearing outside the venue regarding a possible proposal were true. Bach confirmed the speculation, and relayed his girlfriend’s acceptance of said question being popped. He convinced his somewhat shy fiancée to show off her ring for the camera, and after this the two hugged and shared a kiss of celebration following the announcement of their happy news. In explaining why he wanted to get married so soon to a woman he had only just started dating (the pair began their relationship back in October), the Bahamas-born rocker used a food analogy he questioned why he would want to go out for burgers when he had a steak in the fridge at home, essentially saying why mess around and date multiple women when you have the one of your dreams at the ready to spend the rest of your life with.

The cameraman asked if when the pair’s big day had been decided on or whether any plans had been laid out for the impending wedding at all, Bach said that plans were still in the works and that the couple had not exactly had time to hash out the details just yet. He made a joke that they were still more focused on the night that would come after the marital vows having been exchanged, and went on to bring his fiancée in for another embrace.

The photographer then switched the subject over to Bach’s recent conflict regarding his having lashed out at a concertgoer for reportedly shoving into the former Gilmore Girls star’s 70-year-old mother, who was present front and center at the show. The concert in question was being held in Toronto, Canada, on December 21. Halfway through a set, Bach exploded on a male audience member who he said had pushed into the elderly woman, going on to issue multiple expletives towards the man and threatening to physically injure him if he even considering taking such an action again. He then extended his warning to everyone else in the audience, stating that if anyone else went near the woman again he was going to quit the show entirely.

When explaining his actions to the photographer, Bach was adamant that he was not sorry for threatening the man as he had become seriously worried that his elderly mother had been harmed and therefore felt that his reaction was extremely justified. The paparazzo asked why a woman of such an age was there to begin with, to which the rocker replied that it was because she was awesome and loved that type of music. He went on to admit that he knows his mother should possibly not have been in the front row, as it is not too safe of a place for someone of that age group.

It remains to be seen when Sebastian Bach and new fiancée Suzanne Le will set the date for their upcoming wedding. For now, however, the two are said to be simply enjoying the celebration of their engagement.

By Rebecca Grace

Toronto Sun
Photo by No Crop Photo – Flickr License

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  1. DDarcseid   December 30, 2014 at 11:37 am

    And this will last…….. a year?
    Cannot imagine what his kids think. First wife was hot but I guess that didn’t work out either.

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