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Suspect Wanted in Six Killings in Pennsylvania Found Dead



The suspect wanted in six killings in Pennsylvania has reportedly been found dead. He had been on the run after he was believed to have murdered his ex-wife and five other past in-laws. Bradley William Stone was discovered deceased about a half-mile from his home, which was around 30 miles to the north of Philadelphia. He had died from self-inflicted knife wounds in the middle of his body. This brought an end to the nearly two day manhunt for the alleged killer

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office put up a post on its Facebook reporting the news on Tuesday afternoon. An attorney was expected to speak to the news media at a press conference over the discovery of the suspect’s body at around 4 p.m. EST. Stone, 35, was a former Marine reservist and had been on the run since Monday’s killings. The killings shook up the small towns of Souderton, Lansdale and Harleysville, communities located  to the north of Philadelphia. Previous to this week, the people in the town of  Harleysville had felt so safe that some residents acted like it was a sort of gathering place. However, now citizens stated that they felt nervous and unsettled, knowing that Stone had been on the run.

One resident of Harleysville stated that other people who lived in the town said that everyone had exclaimed they felt like the entire world had changed for them. He added that he himself had went to purchase a firearm and that some of his neighbors had expressed the desire to also buy guns and were going to do so as well.

Even though the alleged suspect’s victims had personal contacts with Stone, it still concerned everyone else in the immediate area, even after it was announced that Stone had been found dead. Several schools decided to call off classes on Tuesday but it was announced that they would most likely get back to a regular schedule come Wednesday.

As for the murders themselves, it was believed the reservist went on an hour and a half shooting rage before daybreak on Monday morning at three different homes. These murders brought on a second major manhunt in Pennsylvania in the past couple of months. The previous target,Eric Frein, spent nearly 50 days on the loose after he killed a state trooper.

Stone’s ex wife, Nicole Stone, 33 was discovered deceased in her apartment. She had been fatally shot. Pennsylvania State Police found five other individuals also dead in two other homes. They were Nicole Stone’s grandmother, mother, sister, niece and brother-in-law. A nephew was rushed to the hospital and is now listed in “serious but stable” condition.

The alleged killer in the six murders has reportedly been found dead as a result of a suicide. Stone is the lone suspect in the killings of his former wife and five prior in-laws. He had been on the loose after they all were found deceased on Monday. The discovery of the suspect brings to an end the day and a half hunt for Stone.

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