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Thailand Bus Accident Leaves 25 Russian Tourists Injured



A group of Russian tourists on a bus tour in Thailand were involved in an accident which left 25 of the visitors with minor injuries, and the two tour operators more seriously injured. The accident happened on the island of Phuket on their way from the airport. The bus, according to Russian embassy representatives, overturned after a collision with a small car. There were 37 people on the bus in total. The logo on the side of the vehicle identified the tour company as Anex Tours.

According to the report, all of the people on board were taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but a catalogue of the injured has not been made available yet. Embassy officials stressed that the injuries to the tourists were not severe, though the local Thailand guides did suffer more significant injuries when the bus slid off of the road and turned over. No deaths were reported. Embassy officials are compiling a list with the names of the injured which will be released once complete.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of William Cho – Flickr License