US Journalist and South African Hostages Killed During Rescue Attempt


South African hostage Pierre Korkie and US journalist Luke Somers are believed to have been killed in a firefight when the American Special Forces attempted to free captured hostages.

Korkie and his wife Yolande were taken hostage from Yemen during May of 2013, although Yolande Korkie was released at a previous time due to negotiations with the Gift of the Givers. Somers was kidnapped from Sanaa, Yemen during September of 2013. Yemen borders Saudi Arabia and is known for how common kidnapping can occur.

The alleged American photojournalist hostage was Luke Somers. During the failed rescue Somers was caught in the crossfire. Earlier this morning, sister and father of 33-year-old Luke Somers learned of his tragedy. The event has also been commented on by President Barack Obama who offered his condolences to the Somers family and reassured them of how important the safety of all Americans is as the military aims to bring all hostages back home.

By Garrett Jutte
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Photo by eesti РFlickr Licence

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