American Idol Auditions Night #1 [Recap]

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American Idol season 14 premiered on January 7, 2014, and it was the first night of auditions for the show. This year, one major change is that, when it gets to the tenth round, the show will only go to one night a week. The Results episode, which used to air last year on Fridays, will be a thing of the past.

The judges from last year were all back, as well as the host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr, and Keith Urban returned, and when the show eventually has auditions in Long Island later this season, Adam Lambert will fill in for Keith Urban. He was gone for that episode, to be with his wife, Nicole Kidman, when her father passed away.

The first person to audition on American Idol in Nashville was Riley Bria, who sang the Keith Urban song, Georgia Woods. He mentioned that he had performed with Keith at a concert, playing the electric guitar, but it was the first time he would be singing. He had a terrific voice, and played the acoustic guitar as he sang. All three judges voted “yes,” for him, so he will be going to Hollywood.

The second person to perform on American Idol was Priscilla Barker. She sang Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker for her American Idol audition. Both Harry and Keith Urban voted “yes,” for her, while Jennifer Lopez voted “no.” That was enough to get her a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, though.

The third person up on American Idol was Cameron Bedell. He played the guitar as he sang You Are the Best Thing, and he had a cool voice, hitting some pretty high falsetto notes. All of the judges gave him “yes,” votes, so Cameron also is going to head to Hollywood and the next round.

The fourth person who graced the American Idol stage was Amber Walker. She also played the guitar, and sang the Elvis song, Heartbreak Hotel. Keith and Jennifer voted “yes” for her, though Harry voted “no.” With two “yes,” votes, Amber got a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, and she will be joining the others who also received tickets.

The next guy to sing on American Idol, Kyle Blaine Corman, had some funky-looking hair. Harry asked if he could go up and touch it, and Kyle said he could. Harry said he needed “some Purel” after touching Kyle’s hair. Kyle sang the song Give a Little Bit. He said it was by the Goo Goo Dolls, but the original group to sing it was Supertramp. None of the judges gave Kyle a “yes” vote.

Kory Wheeler did a terrific version of I Can’t Make You Love Me. The judges must have thought so, also, as the all gave Kory “yes” votes, and he will be going to Hollywood.

One of the highlights of this episode of American Idol was when Michael Simeon sang the Sam Smith song, Stay With Me. Besides doing a great job, and getting all of the judges to give him “yes,” votes, Michael got Jennifer Lopez to agree to slow dance with him. He continued singing the song to her as he danced, and Harry played the piano while Keith played his guitar.

The last musical act of American Idol was also a very good singer. She was Emily Brooke, 15, and she had another one of the best performances of the episode, when she sang Blown Away. Emily had a powerful, soaring voice, and all of the judges voted “yes,” for her. It was a terrific performance to conclude this episode of American Idol with. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night, to see more great singing!

Written By: Douglas Cobb

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