Fifty Shades of Grey Gets R Rating [Video]

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey has received an R rating for its content. The movie has been highly anticipated by books fans, but it could mean many have to miss out on the cinematic release.

The Motion Picture Association of America deemed the “unusual behavior” enough to warrant the rating for the movie. There were many who expected the rating to be NC-17, due to some of the sexual content and dialogue. However, the MPAA stated that the graphic nudity was not enough to warrant the highest rating.

Fifty Shades of Grey is based on the novel of the same name. Originally a Twilight fan fiction, E.L. James adapted her writing to become an original piece of work. There are many similarities, and Twilight fans will get somewhat of a déjà vu moment. However, that has not stopped the book from being a bestseller, and has not stopped the fanbase that cried out for the movie.

Many fans have wondered how the depictions of action would not get close to the NC-17 rating rather than the R rating given. Jamie Dornan, who plays the main role opposite Dakota Johnson, said that he had to go to sex dungeons and read about bondage to research for the role.

He also defended the movie and the role. While many people started to speak about violence against women, Dornan pointed out that many men were the submissive ones, and everything was consensual. He also noted that there is a lot more weirder stuff out there other than S&M, and he understands how people get into that.

Despite the support from the actor, who plays Christian Grey, the MPAA has given Fifty Shades of Grey an R rating. It will open in movie theaters on February 13, 2015. Giving it this rating does offer some good news for fans.

If Fifty Shades of Grey had been given the NC-17 rating, it would have prevented the movie from being shown in certain movie theaters. That would not have just disappointed fans, but would have also affected the profits to be gained from the movie.

Dornan had already helped many wonder whether the lower rating would be given. He said that he would not go fully nude on the camera, so most of the nudity will come from Johnson’s character Anastasia Steele. The actor said that seeing him full-frontal in the movie would put off too many people, and the idea is to get people to sit on the seats. He made sure there was a section in the contract to make sure certain parts of him would not be seen by audiences.

Many are questioning the reason for the R rating. MPAA says that it is due to the “unusual behavior,” which many fans do not understand. However, the association has to consider the majority of audiences, and not just those who have read the book and want to see it all on screen. At least it was not the NC-17 rating. Fifty Shades of Grey will air in time for Valentine’s Day with the R rating.

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