Stephen Fry’s Fiance Banned From Driving

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry’s fiancé, Elliot Spencer, has been banned from driving for the next seven days. He was caught speeding in his Aston Martin, driving at 101 MPH. The court heard that he put his foot down after being told to by his fiancé, who was running late for some literature festival.

The two confirmed their engagement yesterday, shocking some around the world. The QI presenter is 30 years older than the comedian, but says that they are very happy together. Spencer had previously been spotted leaving and arriving at Fry’s London home. They announced their engagement by giving the registry office formal notice. That gives the two a year to tie the knot, or they will have to give notice again.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to congratulate the two. However, that news has been clouded with the news that Spencer has been banned from driving for a week. Fry attended the court hearing in hope that he could fight the ban, but the judge deemed some punishment needed. Spencer was driving in a 70 MPH zone at the time.

He and Fry were driving a loaned DB9 when they were driving to Fry’s inaugural address as the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts president. The magistrates court heard how the car had been caught by a camera driving at 31 MPH above the speed limit, meaning that the couple arrived at the location with just minutes to spare.

Despite Spencer being behind the wheel, Fry said he was willing to take responsibility for his fiancé to avoid the driving ban. He claims that it was his fault for pushing his 27-year-old fiancé to drive faster, and it had been due to hitting a congested road earlier in the journey. The QI presenter also said that he would provide testimony.

According to reports, no drivers were inconvenience or put at risk due to the speeding. However, they were driving from London to the Welsh borders at the May bank holiday. The camera caught them close to Newport in South Wales.

The court also heard that Spencer was driving a car he was not used to. The Aston Martin was loaned to him and Fry for a month, so they could decide whether to buy one. They have not decided to now, but the unfamiliar powerful engine affected Spencer’s driving, which has an “unblemished record” until now.

Spencer was working at a voluntary support teacher for children with learning difficulties at the time. He has since left the job due to the recent circumstances.

There will be many who believe that the driving ban is not long enough. He was driving at 31 MPH over the limit. However, he has also been ordered to pay the £85 court costs, a victim surcharge of £20 and a £100 fine for the offense. Spencer did make the decision to plead guilty of the offense, despite Fry offering to provide testimony.

The magistrates did acknowledge that the 27-year-old “put his foot down” due to the persuasion of his partner. That may have helped keep the ban from driving to just one week for Fry’s fiancé.

By Alexandria Ingham


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