‘American Idol’ Auditions Night #3 [Recap & Review]

American Idol

On American Idol tonight, the auditions phase of season XIV continued with night #3, in Kansas City, Missouri. In tonight’s hour-long episode, there were some excellent performances, as well as some that were not all that great. The three judges had the difficult task of weeding through all of the performances and trying to select only the best ones to hand Gold Tickets to, and these talented singers will get to move on to the next phase of the competition, in beautiful Hollywood, California.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, began the episode set in Kansas City by showing the American Idol bus cruising towards the eleven cities that the judges have earmarked in their search for talented singers.

Ron Wilson, or “Big Ron,” as some of the ladies call him, was the first person to audition tonight on American Idol. He entered the room singing Jenny from the Block. He sang a Marvin Gaye song, specifically to Jennifer Lopez. Harry and Keith chatted about getting a “burger,” and left the room, with Ron still singing. They re-entered, and Jennifer said she did not even know the guys had gone.

“We had our thing,” Jennifer told them. All of the judges gave Ron “yes,” votes, and he was the first competitor of the night to get to move on to Hollywood.

Ian Subsara was next up on American Idol. He sang I Feel Like Dancing. Harry Connick, Jr. messed with him getting him to sing as high of a note as he could. Ian got all “no” votes.

An accordion-playing, blue-haired young lady, Joey Cook, 23, played the squeeze box and sang The King of Spain. She sounded really great, and Jennifer Lopez snapped her fingers above her head along to the music in one place of the song.

“That’s my favorite voice of the whole day,” Keith Urban said. Harry said she was “very talented,” though he also said she “was on the edge of novelty.” All three judges gave her “yes,” votes, and Joey excitedly ran out and gave her mom a big hug.

Alexis Gomez took the stage on American Idol to sing Take Me Down (to the Little White Church). Keith voted “no,” but Jennifer voted “yes.” Harry thought about it, then told Alexis she would be one of the country singers who will be moving on.

Anton Bushner sang next. He sang one of Keith’s songs, Tonight I Wanna Cry. He sounded terrific! “Anton, I absolutely love you, everything about you!” Harry said. Keith, Jennifer and Harry all gave him “yes,” votes, so Anton will be headed to Hollywood!

“He’s such a character; wow!” Jennifer Lopez said.

Before a commercial break, Cedric sang Rumor Has It, by Adele. Viewers were asked to vote if they though he got voted on or not, with the results following the break. He was voted on to Hollywood!

Then, Stephanie Gummelt, 18, sang an arrangement she wrote a couple of years ago. She played the guitar as she sang. It was actually pretty incredible. Keith asked her who she liked to listen to, and Stephanie said people like Steve Tyler, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell.

“You’re such a natural singer. It’s almost as if you’re talking,” Jennifer said. She voted “yes,” while Harry gave her a “no” vote. Keith gave her a “yes” vote, so she is going to Hollywood!

Ashley Stehl, 15, then gave it a shot. She said that her parents were deaf, but through new technology, as she sang, her dad would hear her for the first time ever.

“You’re having a hard time singing a capella,” Jennifer told her.

“It’s a little off.” Harry said, adding “You’re just not ready for this competition.”

“You really have to be able to sing in tune,” Keith said. It was a heartbreaking decision, but all three judges gave her “no” votes.

Ryan showed a montage of some competitors who did not make the cut. Ellen Petersen, from Branson, played the banjo and sang I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart. She was AWESOME, and even yodeled well. Keith was wearing a Branson T-shirt. All of the judges gave her “yes” votes. Keith asked her to play the theme from The Beverly Hillbillies, and Keith and Harry stood up beside her and sang as she played.

The final performer on American Idol tonight was Kholton Pascal. He said he “camped,” at night using a tarp and bedroll. He said “I travel to defeat stagnation and boredom.” He sang an original song, Sitting Here Beside Me. It was gruff, raw, emotional, really cool. “I think you’re terrific, bro,” Harry said. “But, are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to win this competition?”

Jennifer said “Are we going to see your heart? Are we going to see your soul?”

Keith said “Audibly, I would buy it, I would have it on my playlist.” They each gave him “yes” votes and Kohlton will be moving on to Hollywood!

There were a few uneven performances on American Idol tonight, but some singers really stood out and the three judges voted them on to the next stage, which will take place in Hollywood. Highlights of the show included the performance of The King of Spain by Joey Cook; Anton Bushner’s rendition of Tonight I Wanna Cry; Ellen Petersen’s banjo playing and singing of I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart; and, Kohlton Pascal’s gritty, soulful singing of one of his own songs, Sitting Here Beside Me.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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