Golden Globes Feature New Fashion Police Team

Golden Globes

The 2015 Golden Globes red carpet featured the new team on the popular guilty pleasure Fashion Police , with Kathy Griffin taking the place of the show’s iconic former star.  If there is going to be fashion dish, no one did it better than the late, gone-too-soon, fashion critic Joan Rivers. Fashion Police creator Rivers could make fashion worshipers  giggle with her gross descriptions, insulting Hollywood’s royalty while never breaking a sweat. The Golden Globes red carpet will miss her insults and roasting of even the most accomplished designers in the fashion world. She made fashion followers  proud that they understood the pun.  Rivers left some big shoes to fill.

This year, there is a secret clone that has reared her ugly head to carry on the tradition.  Kathy Griffin made her debut in her new role last night on the Fashion Police 2015 Golden Globe Edition.  The Golden Globes were a perfect forum to introduce the unfiltered comedienne to the Fashion Police audience. Like Rivers, Kathy is known to tear ruthlessly into anything and anyone as well. The Golden Globes red carpet was no different.

The team included the usual suspects Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and Brad Goreski. The male ex-sidekick, George Kotsiopoulos, was not mentioned. Brad appears to have taken his seat. The on-screen chemistry worked. They were all quite funny and smart, not to mention able to think quickly and respond to the task at hand. Griffin paid homage to Joan Rivers in a respectful, funny way, then got right down to business. Insults and nastiness flowing, she did not disappoint. It felt for many viewers like Kathy, who has been semi-displaced in the industry for a few years, had found her purpose in life. Sargent and fashionista, authority on the Fashion Police, this is her new life.

The goal, as always, was to crown the best and worst-dressed of the Golden Globes attendees.  Most popular was Kate Hudson in Versace. Brad was totally in love with that one. Emma Stone was lauded wearing a smoking Lanvin jumpsuit.  Jennifer Lopez killed them in the fabula-beaded  cape-gown. Among the picks for worst-dressed was Claire Danes in Valentino. It was not her best look. Tina Fey also did not pull of the bubble dress/ bubble apron she was sporting. Giuliana’s pick for worst was Keira Knightly.  Her Chanel dress was accused of stealing Little Bo Peep’s swag.  Fashion at the Golden Globe Awards 2015 did not disappoint, both best and worst.

When the smoke cleared on the Golden Globes, the night belonged to the new featured face of the Fashion Police team, Kathy Griffin. She slayed, killed, had swag, and jokes and staked her claim on the position with panache and punctuation.  In true Joan Rivers style, she brought the hammer down on Amal Clooney.  The white gloves with the black gown did not work for Kathy at all. There had to be a sacrificial lamb for her debut, and Mrs. George Clooney was just perfect for her purposes. Consensus among those who have been waiting to see whether Griffin would be able to handle the expectations of devoted viewer is that she has earned her spot with little doubt.

By Crystal Ball

NY Daily News

Image courtesy of David Shankbone – Flickr License

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