Eminem Grants Last Wish of Terminally Ill Fan With One Week to Live


Rapper Eminem recently proved that there is most certainly a soft side to his hard exterior, and pulled out all the stops in order to help a dedicated fan live out his final wish during his diagnosis of a mere seven days to live. The 42-year-old quickly responded to a Twitter hashtag campaign started by the teenager’s friends and family, who rallied hard in order to get the pair together before the 17-year-old lived out his final days.

Gage Garmo, a native of Rochester, Michigan, was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. It is a rare form of bone cancer that is extremely untreatable, and therefore the boy was informed by medical professionals that he only had one week left to live as a result. A few days after his diagnosis, the aforementioned Twitter campaign was started in order to try to set up a meeting between the pair, a mission they succeeded in. Eminem arrived at the boy’s home on Sunday evening, managing to do so quietly as to not allow the entire thing to become a media spectacle (sources say the rapper was incredibly adamant that the visit be done privately and discretely, both for his privacy and for that of Garmo.) The two sat together for around an hour, discussing hip-hop music and football, two things that the teen’s life essentially revolved around (he was the team manager of Rochester High School’s football team.) Garmo passed away the next evening, surrounding by his friends and family. The home at which Eminem paid a visit to was actually quite close to where the entertainer himself lives, approximately 20 minutes.

Eminem’s fan had been struggling with his illness for approximately four years before he died, and his journey was most certainly not an easy one. He had to undergo multiple surgeries throughout his life, one even leading to his right leg being amputated. Despite his hardship, however, Garmo is said to have remained relentlessly upbeat and positive, and continued to shine a bright light on everyone around him in terms of positivity and looking at the bright side of things despite being inflicted with said terminal illness. Before he passed away, officials at his high school scheduled an impromptu graduation ceremony in order for him to receive his diploma and celebrate with his friends accordingly. The grief surrounding his death is said to be overwhelming, with Rochester High pulling out all the stops in order to make sure the students have sufficient access to counseling and the like in order to deal with the loss of their classmate. Garmo was said to be extremely popular and loving, going out of his way to make everyone feel included and to never make anybody feel disliked or bullied in any way.

Eminem recently fulfilled the last wish of a dying Rochester Hills teenager, paying a visit to his home in order to help the boy spend even just a little time with his idol before his life ended. A candlelight vigil was held on Monday night, taking place at the aforementioned high school.

By Rebecca Grace

Detroit Free Press
Photo by Ivan Bruno – Flickr License

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