Ant-Man Teaser Trailer Now Enlarged From Original Ant-Size [Video]


Ant-Man is one of Marvel Studio’s most-anticipated movies, and just yesterday, they released a brand-new teaser trailer from the flick, but the catch is it was posted to YouTube in an ant-sized form. Viewers needed magnifying glasses to get much enjoyment out of viewing it. Today, the 17-second trailer has been posted in an enlarged form, but the catch this time is the video looks distorted. The two versions are below, so please check them out!

One good thing about the two versions of the Ant-Man teaser trailer is that we get to see Paul Rudd as the title character, though he is not seen in costume in the trailer. Instead, we get to see him as Scott Lang, Ant-Man’s alter-ego. During the course of the movie, Lang takes over from the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, who Michael Douglas plays in the movie, and the pair even get the chance to fight crime together, with the aid of the insects that they command.

Besides getting to see Paul Rudd in the trailer, there is a brief glimpse of two other of the main characters in Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll. Lilly plays Hope Van Dyne and Corey Stoll has the dual role of Darren Cross/Yellowjacket in the movie.

The full-length, human-sized trailer for the Marvel film will be shown sometime during Agent Carter (ABC), at 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 6, 2015. Agent Carter is a TV spin-off based on the superhero Captain America, created by Hayley Atwell. Ant-Man, which Peyton Reed is helming as the director, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015, and it will be the last film in what has come to be called Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Edgar Wright was the original director of Ant-Man, but because of “creative differences,” with Marvel Studios, he dropped out of the film. The screenplay was written by the trio of Gabriel Ferrari, Andrew Barrer, and Adam McKay. Other actors in the film are Bobby Cannavale as Paxton, Judy Greer as Maggie, Michael Peña as Luis, Jordi Mollà as Castillo, Wood Harris as Gale, David Dastmalchian as Kurt, and Tip “T.I” Harris as Dave.

While Evangeline Lilly has said that Edgar Wright’s “incredible vision” of the film was “classic comic book” and stated that “it would have been such a riot to film,” she also realizes that, as she put it, “it wouldn’t have fit in the Marvel Universe.”

Lilly said that Wright’s vision of the movie “would have taken you away from this cohesive universe,” that Marvel Studios was building, and it would not have seamlessly fit into the universe of other movies, like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers.

When Marvel Studios released the ant-sized version of the new 17-second teaser trailer, many fans complained that it was too “gimmicky.” About the only way viewers could see it well was to use a magnifying glass. The trailer has since been enlarged. The full trailer for Ant-Man will debut on Tuesday, January 6, on ABC’s Agent Carter.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Ant-Man Teaser Trailer

Original Ant-Sized Ant-Man Official HD Teaser Trailer

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