Big Sean Reveals Title of Upcoming Album Is ‘Dark Sky Paradise’

Big Sean

Rapper Big Sean is taking his music in a somewhat different direction with his upcoming album, Dark Sky Paradise. He revealed the name of it on social media on Sunday night, January 24, and showed off what the cover art will look like when the album becomes available. The cover will feature a black background, with the words Dark Sky Paradise written on it, according to AceShowbiz and other media sources.

Big Sean, 26, has had a tough 12 months, having to deal with personal issues in his life like an under-performing album and the death of his grandmother. But, after all of the dark skies and turbulent times he has experienced, the rapper stated that “sunshine came.”

Part of the “sunshine,” that the rapper is likely referring to surely comes from his dating his latest girlfriend, Ariana Grande. Also, his management deal with Roc Nation has been a help in causing the storm clouds to break and bring a different perspective to his life and a different style to his music.

Big Sean will reportedly have a veritable Who’s Who list of famous musicians who collaborated with him appear on the album. The collaborators include the musical artists DJ Khaled, Vinylz, DJ Dahi, Jhene Aiko, DJ Mustard, Travi$ Scott, Lil Wayne and…wait for it…Kanye West and Drake.

The “IDFWU” rapper has been posting word all over the Internet and on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter that he had been working on a project called Dark Sky Paradise and he proclaimed that it was now “done.” He has gotten the musicians who collaborated with him to post similar information on their Instagram and Twitter accounts and he has posted a link to his website where there is both a trailer for the album and a release date. Also, as if this stunning news was not enough, Big Sean mentioned, via Twitter, that new music would be coming later on this week.

The release date for Dark Sky Paradise, which Big Sean reportedly recorded at his home studio, will be on February 24, less than a month away. The new music that Big Sean will, no doubt, have out later this week is sure to build up his fans’ anticipation levels for when the album will drop.

The cryptic messages that Big Sean and the other musical artists collaborating on Dark Sky Paradise have been broadcasting on their social media sites, the trailer at his own site, and the news that he will have new music out later this week have all worked to get both his fans and the media talking about what the rapper has in store next.

Big Sean has had more than his share of dark clouds and sad times in his life, and probably he will sing about at least some of those times in the songs that make up Dark Sky Paradise, which will be coming out on February 24, 2015. However, he now seems to have his head in a somewhat happier place, which gives an indication that at least a few of the songs on the album might be more upbeat, suggesting that elements of paradise can help get people through their darkest times.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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