Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Kim Kardashian Following Brutal Twitter Diss


Charlie Sheen has issued an apology to Kim Kardashian surrounding the rather brutal Twitter diss the actor directed at her earlier today, in which he called her out regarding an incident that her close friend says in no way ever happened. The apology was posted shortly after the original message, and detailed the 49-year-old’s self-proclaimed feelings of embarrassment regarding the things he said and what he accused her of.

The original social media update in question contained an extremely strongly worded rant against the 34-year-old reality television star, in which he told her that she was extremely lucky anybody even cared about her in the slightest given what she was and what she had done. He says that she is incredibly undeserving of the public adoration that comes her way on a regular basis, especially given the trauma she allegedly caused a six-year-old girl who was said to have simply wanted an autograph and to convey her love for Kardashian overall. Sheen went on to give details surrounding this accusation, saying that he had heard a story involving the KUWTK star flat-out denying said little girl her wish, and instead telling her assistant to deal with the situation and make it go away ASAP.

Sheen says he originally heard the story from veteran actor C. Thomas Howell, known for his roles in Criminal Minds and such movies as Camel Spiders and The Outsiders. According to the former Two and a Half Men star, Howell told him that the six-year-old girl in question waited for Kardashian at a lunch venue and approached her for an autograph when the pair was alone in the parking lot together. Mrs. Kanye West was reportedly less than friendly to the child, and after the aforementioned request for her assistant to deal with her, Howell says that they both got in the car and drove away without so much as a backwards glance towards the girl. Sheen put Kardashian on full blast for this incident allegedly happening, going on to say that the girl cried every night about the fact that her idol flat-out dissed her and crushed her dream of wanting an autograph and being treated kindly by her. He wrapped up the post by taking a shot at the business woman’s husband, Kanye West, stating that he hopes he regains his vision soon and therefore can go back on his decision to marry the woman in the first place.

In the apology posted shortly after, Sheen admitted that he was already irritated and significantly upset about some other matters that actually had nothing to do with Kardashian, but was taken out on her due to his having recently been told the aforementioned story by Howell. He admitted that he often jumps the gun when it comes to hearing other people’s stories and proceeding to trash talk the person who is the subject of it, without fully thinking his actions through. He went on to say that sometimes he is as much of an idiot as he is a “genius.”

It remains to be seen whether Kardashian will accept Sheen’s apology regarding his recent Twitter diss towards her. The reality television actress has yet to respond at all regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Matthew Straubmuller – Flickr License

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