Paul McCartney and Kanye West Spark Controversial Questions on Twitter

Paul McCartney’s performance with Kanye West on New Year’s Eve sparked a barrage of questions from the younger generation, who wondered, “Who is Paul McCartney?” The McCartney/West collaboration on the song Only One was released to the public via a live performance on the eve of the new year, sending shock waves across social media – Twitter in particular – regarding just who this man performing with the rap star was. The older generation is taking offense while the younger generation is shooting back with comments, including how they could be expected to know someone whose last hit was in the 1960s.

McCartneyThe Twitter debate goes on and on, to the point where some of the kids are actually intentionally poking at the parents just to get them going. Some tweets say that now that McCartney has a song with Kanye, he will become famous. The older generation is losing their minds and running to their iPods to bust out the old Beatles tunes in order to educate today’s youth.

The mega superstar, Sir Paul McCartney, has been very prolific and has written many famous songs since the Beatles, but now that Twitter is around, kids can have fun at the expense of the older generation. Not only did he have a second successful band with the Wings, but he also headlined the 2005 Superbowl show during halftime. Today’s youth certainly remember the infamous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake halftime show, yet claim to have no knowledge of the ex-Beatle, who performed one year after that at the same event. He also appeared with Jay-Z and Linkin Park on the Grammys in 2006, where the performers merged each others’ songs until ultimately ending with the Beatles song, Yesterday, during which McCartney himself joined the others on stage. Teens certainly could not miss the John Lennon shirt Jay-Z was sporting, which adds to the opinion that the kids’ ignorance on Twitter is all a big prank.

One of the biggest hints that these kids are just messing with the adults is the fact that in 2008, Rock Band became one of the hottest tech games in the world, selling over four million games. Loaded with classic rock tunes, it took the world by storm, and McCartney even collaborated with the game maker to produce a Beatles version of the game. This Beatles version of Rock Band  sold over one million games, so who is fooling who here? The Beatles also took iTunes by storm in 2010 and it was almost impossible to miss the campaigns advertising the fact that one could finally buy Beatles songs on iTunes.

Most recently, he closed the Olympics in 2012, and anyone watching was sure to recognize McCartney. Sir Paul has not been absent from the music scene, therefore one can only surmise that the Twitter storm of comments was only to provoke responses from the old folks. On the other hand, there has been nothing but praise for the collaborative efforts of the two superstars on their new single Only One, which seems to be the only thing about this collaboration that the older and younger generation can agree on.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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  1. Yesterdays Wine   January 6, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Never mind it was a big goof and a devilishly ingenious way to market a fairly mediocre song. The problem with the younger generation is they’re almost bizarrely gullible. But, that being said, there’s no upside to being culturally illiterate. You know, when you hear Homer you think of Simpson and not a great epic poem. Here’s a song from when McCartney burned the house down – 1968.


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