Charlize Theron’s Son Adopted by Sean Penn?

Charlize Theron

Rumors spread this week that Sean Penn was planning to adopt Charlize Theron’s son. The two are very serious in their relationship, and her three-year-old already calls Penn “daddy.” However, according to reports, there are no plans for the actor to adopt him; at least, yet.

The last year has included a number of rumors that the two are either getting married or secretly married. Despite friends saying they are great together, they have not confirmed or denied the rumors. Penn and Theron have also been very quiet during the rumors.

Three-year-old Jackson was adopted when he was just four months old in 2012, and is the actress’ only child. However, Penn already has two children from a previous marriage to Robin Wright, Dylan, 23, and Hopper, 21. People magazine has stated that the adoption rumors are false, but according to a source they are still very happy together. However, they have reportedly talked about adopting another child so Jackson can have a sister or brother.

The two have been very quiet when it comes to their private lives together. Last year, Theron finally admitted that the two were dating, but said that they were not “trying to hide anything.” She admitted that she had become selfish after adopting Jackson to make sure he got all her time while he was little. When she got into a schedule, she was able to think about herself more and started dating.

She only wanted someone who would make her life better, and that is what Penn could offer. It is understandable that rumors started about Penn adopting Theron’s son. It helps that the two had been friends for 18 years before they started dating. They were taking it slow to avoid ruining their friendship, but she seems to have no regrets.

Us Weekly continues to report that Penn is adopting his girlfriend’s son. The magazine stated that the 54-year-old actor has filed the papers already, despite the statement in People magazine saying the opposite. The two got engaged in November while on vacation in Paris, but still have not set a date for their wedding. According to friends of the couple, adopting Jackson is the first step for the two to get married. Penn also knows that getting close to Jackson is the way to keep Theron.

Neither Penn or Theron have confirmed or denied the most current rumors. It is unlikely that they will, considering their previous behavior over rumors. The two like to keep their private lives out of the papers, and handle everything between them. The various statements have come from friends or “sources” close to the stars.

While many publications are reporting that Penn is going to adopt the boy, People magazine is the only one to report the opposite. It states that it got the information from a reliable source and learned it exclusively.

This is not the first time that adoption rumors have surfaced. During the summer, there were rumors that the two were looking into adopting another child. However, they seemed to turn out false. It is possible that the rumors that Penn is adopting Theron’s son will also turn out false.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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