Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Divorcing

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are divorcing, bringing an end to their six-year marriage. According to a joint statement, the decision was mutual. The two have been very private about their relationship, and continue to ask for privacy during this difficult time.

The two managed to marry in secret in 2009, despite both being high-profile celebrities. They married in Savannah, Georgia just a month after announcing they were engaged, and around a year after they started dating. They have no children.

News that Moore and her husband are splitting up is likely to be a shock to fans. For their fifth wedding anniversary, the 30-year-old singer and actress shared a photo of her marriage certificate to celebrate the event.

However, Adams had previously hinted that there were some problems in their marriage, without actually saying anything. During an interview, he was asked about his wife and marriage, and decided to cut the interview short. He used the excuse of not wanting to speak about his personal life just before hanging up on the phone interview. He later stated that he was annoyed at constantly being asked about his wife, when he was initially polite asking for no more questions about her. He said he would never talk about his marriage because he is a gentleman.

That statement quickly sent rumors flying that Adams and Moore were on the verge of divorce. They have now officially filed the paperwork with a Los Angeles court, stating “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. The Candy singer reportedly filed the paperwork while her husband appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in New York. The couples’ representative said that they had mutually decided to file for divorce, and it is a respectful parting.

There are now questions over whether the two will continue working together. They have collaborated in the past, with a duet Empty Rooms released in 2011. They were also reportedly collaborating on a follow-up to Moore’s last album in 2009, Amanda Leigh. However, this was never confirmed by the couple and may now be pushed on the backburner.

This is not the only marriage ending this weekend. Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked to learn that Patrick Dempsey’s wife, Jillian Fink, has filed for divorce from him. It brings their 15-year marriage to an end, and there are debates over whether the split was amicable or not. While one statement says that they have discussed this, a source claims that Fink may be after the actor’s money. However, their three children together is the main priority for both.

Moore and Adams do not have any children to worry about, and both have successful careers. The actress and singer did the voice for Rapunzel in Tangled in 2010. She also had a short arc on Grey’s Antomy during the nail-biting season six finale. Adams found success with his band Whiskeytown, and has since had a relatively successful solo career as a musician and producer. The two seemed to have a very happy marriage, but Moore and Adams’ representative confirmed that they are divorcing after six years of marriage.

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