Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink Divorce

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian Fink are divorcing. The actor’s wife made the decision to file for divorce, bringing an end to 15 years of marriage. However, a joint statement says that the decision was mutual and after “careful consideration.” The main concern for both has been their children’s wellbeing. Both would like privacy at this time.

The couple married in 1999, and have three children together, Tallulah Fyfe, 12, and twins Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick, seven. It was the second marriage for Dempsey, who married Rochelle Parker, an acting coach, in 1987. The two divorced in 1994. Parker was 27 years older than the Grey’s Anatomy actor.

There are questions over whether Fink is after her husband’s money, but these are likely rumors started out of malice. Dempsey is believed to have a fortune of $40 million thanks to his success on TV show Grey’s Anatomy and various movies, including Sweet Home Alabama. The two never signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, according to TMZ. However, the same publication reports that the two will share custody; something that Fink requested. She has also asked for spousal and child support.

According to the divorce papers, Fink has stated “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce. An unidentified source did claim that it may not be an amicable split, despite the statement released. TMZ has refused to name the source to be able to verify that statement.

Dempsey and Fink filing for divorce has shocked many of the actor’s fans. In 2011, he gushed about family life during a Good Housekeeping interview. The two are very private people, but the Grey’s Anatomy star did say that he felt “centered” because of his marriage. He enjoyed going home to be with his wife and children.

The 49-year-old actor admitted that not trying to “change the other person” and accepting that is the best way to have a successful marriage. He also joked that letting the other half win also helped. However, he did say that “not connecting” was the worst part of it. He struggled with not discussing their days due to one leaving as the other is getting home.

He did admit that having time apart was useful. He noted that he would go car racing, which is where he was at the time of the divorce paperwork being filed.

Dempsey’s character on Grey’s Anatomy is also going through marital problems. The mid-season finale saw Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd go to Washington to work on the project with the president, while wife Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, remained in Seattle. Show creator Shonda Rhimes said that Derek would not be around for a while, but he will return. Rumors started that Dempsey had had enough of the character, after 11 years on the show. However, his contract runs for another year.

The actor has not yet spoken about his marriage ending. The joint statement has been the only news, and it is possible that he will remain quiet on his personal life. However, Dempsey and Fink have officially started divorce proceedings.

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