Comcast Apologizes for Explicit Customer Name Change


Comcast has been forced to apologize after it changed the name of a customer to an explicit word. Ricardo Brown received a bill, only to find that his name had been changed to A**hole Brown. He contacted the company as soon as he found out about the inappropriate decision.

The company has since spoken out about the situation. Comcast’s communications vice president, Steve Kipp, apologized on behalf of the company, saying that the name change was both “unacceptable and inappropriate.” The behavior was disrespectful, and a “thorough investigation” is taking place to find out how this happened. All “appropriate steps” will be taken to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Lisa Brown, the wife of the customer, spoke about why someone within the company may have changed the name. She said that she refused to take an offer, and speculates that the employee was angry at that. Mrs. Brown did say that she was never rude during the conversation, but even so it would be unprofessional for a company to act this way. They declined to renew their contract, and it appears that it was the best decision they could have made. Comcast has now refunded all the money paid for the service over the last two years.

It is bad news for the company, which already has a poor reputation when it comes to customer service. Despite apologizing for the explicit customer name change, Comcast will face backlash because of this blunder.

The decision to leave the company was not actually due to poor service. Mrs. Brown explained that the family was facing financial problems, so she decided to cancel the cable section of the Comcast account. While all companies will want to find a way to keep their customers, there are plenty who choose to refuse the offers being made.

Comcast has apologized for its poor behavior in the past. In the past, a customer, Ryan Block, shared the eight-minute phone call he had with a member of the customer service team. During that time, the rep continually refused to cancel Block’s service. As a show of just how poorly managed the company is, Block decided to share it all online for others to hear. There was nothing the company could do, except apologize and vow to fix problems.

In September, an executive in the company wrote that it would take time to make changes. However, the company is focused on this. It will take a few years before great customer service is possible.

When cancelling services, many companies have retention specialists. These are the members of staff who offer deals and find ways to keep members of the public with the company. However, at no point should they outright refuse to cancel a service when the customer is adamant. Mrs. Brown says that she was faced with the rep trying to avoid cancelling the service, but she was adamant that it was to happen. She believes they changed the name on the bill in retaliation. There is no excuse, and Comcast has since apologized for the explicit customer name change.

By Alexandria Ingham





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