Massachusetts Police Discover Double Shooting


Police in Brockton, Massachusetts are reporting that they have discovered a double shooting in the early morning hours. The incident took place on Highland Street, outside of the downtown area. Very little information about the incident has been released yet. Local residents reported hearing ambulance sirens, but no word on the condition of the two people who were shot has been given. Massachusetts Police have not indicated whether there were any fatalities.

The entire crime scene has been cordoned off as more officers, as well as local media outlets, have been arriving. No names have been released, but police indicated that the victims were both men and that one was a 25-year-old and the other was a 27-year-old. It is believed that they were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. An update on their condition, as well as additional details are expected to be released as the investigation of the scene is completed.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of christopdesto – Flickr License

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