Drone Crashes onto White House Grounds


A government intelligence agent atop the G street building was showing off his flying drone, when it crashed onto the White House grounds. The incident has caused drone manufacturers to consider drone updates.

According to the Secret Service, a recreational quadcopter took to the air about ten blocks east of the White House and flew over the location before crashing on the southeast said of the complex. The agent responsible for the crash “self-reported” the drone and admitted that he had been drinking as well.

As a result of the incident the company that makes the drone announced that it will work towards disabling the flying of drones in most of Washington D.C. The restriction will come in the means of an update, although the update will need to be installed by the customer.

President Obama commented on the matter, remarking that the drone that crashed on the White House grounds was a rather common one that even Radio Shack sells.

By Garrett Jutte
Photo by David Rodriguez Martin – Licence

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