Kansas City School Bus Hit by Gunfire

Kansas City
Kansas City Police are reporting an incident of a Genesis School bus being hit by a bullet from an exchange of gunfire. This happened on the street, near Olive Avenue and 24th Street. The police do not believe that the bus was the target of the shooting. They said that the bus was struck by a stray bullet from people shooting at each other nearby.

None of the 27 children on the bus were hit, or sustained any injuries. The nearby Attucks Elementary School, which still had classes in session when the incident occurred, went on lockdown as a precaution. There were three people reportedly involved in the gunfire exchange. While two people have been taken into custody, the third remains on the loose. Kansas City officers are actively searching for the remaining suspect. No indication was given in the initial report about what the reason was for the afternoon gun battle, but more details should be released as the investigation continues.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Alex Starr – Flickr License

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