English Channel Plays Host to Missing Fishing Boat

English Channel
The English Channel is playing host to a Belgian-registered vessel that is now being searched for by the Maritime and Coastguard. The missing fishing boat is reported as having four people on board. The missing fishing boat had three crew members which are Belgian, Portuguese and Dutch. Two lifeboats and a helicopter have begun to search for the missing fishing boat.

The two rescue lifeboats, the Dover and Dungeness, have been searching 10 miles off of the Kent coast. Even with the addition of a French rescue helicopter searching the English Channel has been described as, “very challenging.”

The owner of the fishing boat failed to make contact with the crew since mealtime and has been missing since. The spokesman said that they notified “other vessels in the surrounding area” so that everyone nearby is keeping a lookout for the missing persons. With the gale force winds and rough waves well being of the fishing boat is a concern.

By Garrett Jutte
Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center – Licence

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