Ebola Could Be in California Capital


A possible Ebola patient was being treated at University of California Davis Medical Center, on Thursday. The patient went to East Sacramento’s Mercy General Hospital before being transferred to UCD Medical Center.

The patient is being held in a containment room where the patient is not a risk to the public or other patients at the medical center. The patient was said to be low risk according to Laura McCasland, spokeswoman for the county health department. A press conference was scheduled the day the patient arrived, Thursday, to update everyone but was canceled before it could happen.

The patient is suspected of the virus, but this has not been confirmed. The patient displayed symptoms related to Ebola and they are treating him or her as if they had just traveled to Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone.

The reason for checking where the person has been is because 8.600 people have died from the disease, a majority of the people were in the nations of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

At Mercy General Hospital, where the patient originally went in for treatment, the emergency department was closed Thursday morning for cleaning. Only three places in Sacramento are designated as an Ebola treatment center; one of them is UCD Medical Center.

The medical center was prepared because months ago they conducted hours of Ebola training for the staff. Two others patients in August and October at UCDMC and Kaiser Permanente, were treated for the virus but the results came back negative, which meant no Ebola.

Though for the current patient, the results came back Thursday night. The patient was lucky enough to be in one of the 48 Ebola priority centers for treatment. The hospitals have been preparing for this to happen since the disease had an outbreak.

Ten people have been known to be tested for Ebola in the United States, of whom, four were diagnosed in the U.S. Two nurses who treated an Ebola patient were diagnosed with the disease while the patient who gave it to the nurses died.

The recent Ebola outbreak is the worst ever, because there have been outbreaks of the disease before but just different strains. This current strain produced the worst outbreak ever infecting and killing nearly 8,800 people so far. Most of these people lived in West Africa – where the outbreak occurred.

It is clear why the U.S. is so worried about the outbreak. The procedure right now is isolation. After the results come back for the patient that was recently admitted for Ebola, if the results are negative, the person would be released. If the results come back positive the procedure will continue to be isolation.

The person’s identity is unknown including name and even gender. The person is contained as of now while the rest of UCDMC has not changed operation and is running normally, because of their state of the art isolation room, a well trained staff and their ability to use the protective equipment properly.

UPDATE: The patient tested negative for the virus and was released.

By Jacob Dowd




The Sacramento Bee

LA Times

Photo by Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. – License

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