Johannesburg Hostage Situation Ends With 3 Dead

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A hostage situation at the Johannesburg Central Police Station spiraled out of control and ended with three people dead, including the hostage taker. The situation began with the suspect being arrested for hijacking and brought back to the station. The man had a gun which was not discovered when he was searched. He killed one of the officers who was escorting him with the hidden gun. The other officer was able to get away, but the man took another officer hostage and locked himself in a block of cells.

There was a special task force called in to manage the situation at the Johannesburg station, but it did not last for long. The hijacker killed the hostage, and then eventually turned the weapon on himself. Hearing the shots, the task force entered the building, clearing it for paramedics, but there was nobody left alive inside for them to treat. Counselors specializing in trauma were called in to assist the officers who were present during the situation.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of #TourDeJozi – Flickr License