‘Helix’ Season Two Premiere: ‘San Jose’ [Recap & Review]


In the premiere of season two of Helix, called San Jose, fans of the hit Syfy series got introduced to a taste of what the new season will be like. The preview  of Helix mentioned a little bit about what was going to happen during the show, but the title was erroneously referring to the January 30th episode.

San Jose was set in a far different locale than the desolate frozen Arctic wasteland of the first season of Helix. This time, the environment is a lush, forested, green island, but the dangers are just as real. A new cast member, Dr. Kyle Sommer, played by actor Matt Long, will be a regular.

After 27 people on a Windjammer cruise ship who ate food from a mysterious island die, the Centers for Disease Control doctors from the cast of Helix investigate and try to learn more about the viral outbreak.

At the island, Dr.Julia Walker was speaking into her cell phone and she was listening to the Dionne Warwick song Do You Know the Way to San Jose, when a mysterious man dressed in a hazmat-like suit asked her if she “knows the way to San Jose.” He then clubbed her with a stick and knocked her out.

The CDC doctors check out the ship and Peter says “This is just the beginning.” Dr. Sommer said “Whatever killed these people was fast and aggressive.” He added that “it’s not Narvik.”

A woman sprang from where she was hiding and attacked Dr Sarah Jordan, until she was injected and chilled out. The woman, Leila, told the scientist that it all started happening on the third day. The pathogen primarily attacked the digestive system. The scientists headed to the island of St. Germain, though the captain of the ship they were on said she was going to have to leave them there, and another ship would pick them up in about two weeks.

The plot of the Helix episode, San Jose, was split between the present and 30 years into the future, where Dr. Julia Walker and the man who abducted her, Caleb, have their separate, but definitely related, plot. Caleb eventually catches onto who Jules is, and uses tweezers to remove her contacts, which reveals her silver-colored eyes, and her connection with Ilaria. He told her “I knew one day you’d come.” He meant, likely, that someone from Ilaria would arrive there.

In the Present plot line, Leila freaked out when she saw someone in the forest, and Dr. Sommer gave medical aid to Sarah, who had hurt her foot. Peter asked her how she got injured. It was, she said, due to a trap. It was a trap, Peter told her, not used to catch animals, but to catch humans.

Dr. Peter Farragut and Dr. Sommer later on in the premiere of the second season of Helix followed Leila’s gaze to the base of a tree, where she said “it’s smiling at me.” They find first a human skull, then notice that there are many more skulls there.

As Julia, in the future, is yelling “Please don’t,” to Caleb when he approaches her with the tweezers, Dr. Sommer, Peter and Sarah arrived at the same house in the past.

Julia spills the beans to Caleb, telling him that she has the TXM7 virus, and that is why members of Ilaria care about the disease. It is fatal, even to them. She shows Caleb that she has some of the fungus growing on her, telling him that it all began 30 years ago.

Later in the Helix season two premiere, Caleb made dinner for both of them and she told him she was looking for Dr. Alan Farragut. Caleb revealed that he was on the island, but told Jules she “may not like what you find.” Caleb and Julia walked in the darkness to where a cemetery was, and the headstone of Dr. Alan Farragut.

In the Present on Helix, Peter asked “Dr. Sommer, are you hurt?”

“No, I don’t think so,” he replied. Blood was dripping on him from someone’s body hanging from the ceiling of the building. It was Leila — someone on the island had killed her.

Outside, it was now night, and a bunch of people from the cult approached carrying torches. Peter and Kyle realized that Kyle does not have enough bullets to adequately defend themselves, so they decide to play along with the approaching horde.

The group’s leader, Anne, asked for them to come out. She told him they were “trespassing on private property.” She said “everything will be explained at the Compound,” adding “Please, come with us.”

Anne led the scientists to their expansive Compound, where they met the cult’s leader, Brother Michael.
Brother Michael talked with Peter, Kyle and Sarah. Peter told him that “Someone killed my friend.”

Brother Michael quibbled with that word usage, doubting that Leila was really Peter’s “friend.”

Brother Michael tried to convince the scientists that maybe an animal had killed their “friend.” The CDC doctors told him that Leila was not killed by an animal, but by a human. He told them that they could talk more in the morning.

A hooded man brought a meal to Dr. Sarah Jordan. She told him “Thanks.” When he turned around, his face was visible. He was Alan Farragut, gone undercover as a cult member.

Helix ended with a scene of a woman being held down by some of the cult members. She had two of her teeth removed, and then a tube was forced down her throat, and something white was pumped into her body. The watching cult members looked on, in seeming approval.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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