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Is Nina Dobrev Really Quitting The Vampire Diaries?


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There are more rumors that Nina Dobrev is quitting The Vampire Diaries, but is that really the case? These rumors have been going around since the start of the sixth season, and are mainly linked to her relationship with onscreen love interest Ian Somerhalder. However, there are other reasons for her possibly leaving the TV show.

Dobrev and Somerhalder met on the set of The Vampire Diaries and ended up dating. After two years, they split up and went their separate ways. Rumors started six months ago that the 26-year-old actress was struggling with her ex’s new relationship with Twilight star Nikki Reed, especially with her turning up on set.

After just weeks of dating, Reed moved in with Somerhalder and become a permanent fixture on the set of the vampire TV show. Rumors spread that Dobrev stated Reed had to be banned from the set, but there is nothing to support them. There were even rumors that the season six storyline was written in a way to prevent too much onscreen time between the ex-lovers’ characters, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore.

The end of season five saw Damon stuck on the other side with Bonnie, while Elena found she had to move on. The start of season six saw her initially using a magical herb to hallucinate her deceased vampire boyfriend, only to then have her love for him compelled away. When Original Vampire Alaric was turned into a human, she was stuck feeling hatred towards Damon when he returned.

Now, there are more rumors that Dobrev is really quitting The Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder and Reed recently announced their engagement after just six months of dating, and it is something the actress reportedly cannot handle.

There is still reportedly one of the main three actors on The Vampire Diaries still to sign on for a seventh season, which the show was picked up for last week. Most believe that Dobrev is the one who has not signed up yet, and not fully due to her past relationship with her co-star. She is reportedly looking to move into movies, and has a few possible hits coming up. It is possible that she is hoping her movie career will kick off, meaning that she will not need to do the small screen any longer. However, all of this is rumor at the moment.

Dobrev is certainly not the first actress to have to work with an ex. Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray worked together on One Tree Hill despite marrying and divorcing during the earlier years. Their characters continued a friendship during that time, showing that exes can work together. Many others have managed it too, showing that they can be professional.

Sources are stating that the rumors are all fabricated. Dobrev and Somerhalder have a good working relationship and there are no ill feelings towards Reed. They will continue to work together, and there is a high chance that Dobrev is not quitting The Vampire Diaries now that it has been picked up for a seventh season.

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