Johannesburg Robbery Stopped, One Suspect Shot


An attempted robbery in Johannesburg of a delivery truck was stopped when security guards shot one of the three suspects. The van that they were attempting to rob was full of electronics, primarily cell phones and laptops, and was accompanied by armed security. When the robbers approached, one of the men struggled to cock his gun, giving the security officers an opportunity to draw their own weapons and open fire. One man was wounded, and the other two ran away and are still at large.

The wounded man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, and is currently under police guard while he is there. The man is facing charges of attempted robbery, possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, and attempted murder. His accomplices may face the same charges when apprehended. None of the guards were injured in the altercation, and no merchandise was lost from the shipment in the van. Police continue their investigation and search for the two men who fled the scene.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of John Connell – Flickr License

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