Nigeria Nollywood Star’s Wife in Accident

The wife of Jike Kosoko, a famous Nollywood star, was injured in a car accident along the Sagamu Abeokuta expressway in Nigeria. Henrietta Kosoko, his third wife, reportedly was driving down the highway when she lost control and went off of the road, crashing into an electrical pole. Jike Kosoko is one of the most famous actors in Nigeria. Several months ago, he was the subject of media rumors that he and Henrietta were separating, but they are still together today.

The accident was witnessed by several locals, who all ran to her rescue and safely extricated her from the vehicle. She was taken to Lajoro Hospital in Abeokuta, where she is being treated for her injuries. While there has been no update yet on her condition, she is expected to recover based on witness descriptions of her injuries. Her husband made a statement confirming the accident and saying that it was through divine intervention that she was able to survive the crash. She was driving a brown Toyota Sienna which suffered heavy damage in the accident.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Paul Townsend – Flickr License

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