Justin Bieber Threatens Lawsuit Over GIF

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is threatening a lawsuit over a GIF that made him look “puny.” The GIF made it look like the singer’s Calvin Klein photo shoot was Photoshopped, but he claims that it is the other way around. Now, unless he gets someone to admit to creating the Photoshopped image, he says he will take it to court.

Unlike many others who have had GIFs made of them, Bieber is not seeing the funny side. He finds the whole situation upsetting, and is increasingly agitated over it. His legal team has filed a letter that claims the photo from Breath Heavy is defamation and now damaging his brand. So far, nobody from the website has spoken about the possible case.

The Canadian singer turned heads when he was announced as the new face for Calvin Klein. His toned body made many wonder whether the photo had been retouched. Like most modelling photos, there was likely some coloring changes, but the Boyfriend singer and his team state that his body had not been changed.

Breath Heavy stated that it had gained the unretouched images. While there was some coloring changes, the biggest change was to the singer’s body. In the allegedly unretouched images, his chest and arms were considerably smaller. The images were reportedly gained by a source from the original photo shoot.

Bieber has threatened with a lawsuit over the GIF. He wants the images removed, and also wants someone to admit to creating it. However, nobody has stepped forward yet.

The source from the shoot is being protected. He or she had more to say about the 20-year-old, saying that he was acting just like people expected him to—a “douche.” He reportedly hit on Lara Stone, the female model on the set, so many times that she had to get him to stop. The best way to do that was by telling him that he was a child. After the photo shoot, fans of the Baby singer reportedly sent death threats to Stone.

This year is a fresh start for the singer’s career. He spent most of 2014 in and out of court or jail, but says that he has missed working. After the photo shoot, he gave an interview where he promised that there would be more music and he would be back on tour. He went as far to say that he was excited to get back to work.

According to the interview with V magazine, Bieber said that performing is the favorite part of being a singer. He loves being on the stage and singing live.

Despite the promise of new music, he admitted that there are still goals that he is yet to reach. He wants to move into fashion and movies, and the Calvin Klein photo shoot is just the first. Bieber said that he wants to share his “creativity with the world,” and there are many avenues for that. Also, by the time he is 30, he would like to have a family as well as a successful music career.

Right now he is dealing with the defamation of character. Bieber has threatened a lawsuit over the creation of the GIF if he does not get the outcome he wants.

By Alexandria Ingham



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Photo by Adam SundanaWikimedia Commons Licence

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  1. Alison Johnson   January 10, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Alexandria Graham is a horrible reporter. Aren’t you supposed to report the news, rather than give your opinion of it? Bieber’s a singer, that’s all I know. I saw the supposed photoshopped images, but this article is an attack on the singer. A Graham deserves to be sued for pretending to be a reporter, instead of an attack artist.


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