Liam Neeson Confirms Chance of Taken 4

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has confirmed there is always a chance he will do Taken 4. The question is if there are any fans out there who want to see a fourth instalment to the movie franchise. The actor spoke about his future plans and opportunities for him during an interview with Fox 411.

The Taken franchise followed ex-spy Bryan Mills as he searches for important people in his life. The first one involved his daughter being taken, while the second one was about his wife. In the third instalment, his ex-wife his killed and he needs to protect his daughter while finding the killer. At the same time, he is on the run because the officials believe that he is guilty of the crime.

Before Taken, Neeson took on smaller roles. It was only after the huge success of the movie that Hollywood contacted him with more action movie opportunities. Of course, he jumped at the chance, finding the roles entertaining and challenging.

There are many fans out there who love the whole Taken franchise. Neeson confirmed that it is not the typical teenage boys, but young girls, grandparents and even moms who come up to him while he is out. It is humbling and touching at the same time. He was surprised to hear how well the first movie had done in the box office, and the success of sequels continues to surprise him.

At the end of the interview, Neeson confirmed that there is always a chance of a Taken 4, despite claims that the third movie is definitely the final one. The Irish actor would love to work with his co-star Forrest Whitaker again, and would not rule out reprising his role of Bryan Mills. However, there does not seem to be any current plans to bring out a fourth instalment.

The third movie has only just hit movie theaters. His paycheck for the movies has gone up each time. For the first, he reportedly earned $1 million, which jumped up to $10 million for the second one. This third instalment has seen his paycheck jump again to around $20 million, according to reports. The amount has not yet been confirmed, but it would make sense based on the success of the movies.

That $20 million mark was once standard for the big blockbuster roles. However, it is now reserved for the likes of Will Smith and Johnny Depp when they are in the right roles, according to Business Insider. Neeson could certainly command the top amount when he is in the right role, and Taken 3 could be classed as one of those perfect roles.

The question is whether fans would like to see another movie in the franchise. While the series has certainly been entertaining, there is the belief that people should quit while they are ahead. Now would be a great time for the franchise to go out with a bang. Of course, it all depends on the writers and directors. If they want to do a Taken 4, Neeson has confirmed that he would likely be there for it.

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