Kaley Cuoco Uses People’s Choice Awards to Joke About Controversy

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco used Wednesday night’s People’s Choice Awards as a chance to joke about the controversy surrounding her feminism comments. She was presenting the first award of the night with her co-stars from The Wedding Ringers, Josh Gad and Kevin Hart. Before announcing the nominations, the trio also did a number of sticks about selfies and told some stories about Hart.

While presenting the Favorite Comedic Movie Actress award, Gad asked The Big Bang Theory actress if she should really present the award. After all, she does take a stand against feminism. Cuoco was quick of the mark saying that it was all part of her apology tour.

At the start of the year, a Redbook interview with the actress was published. During it, she was asked if she considered herself a feminist, to which the answer was no. She explained that equality has never been something she ever felt the need to fight for in her life. She also clarified that she likes to take care of her husband, and enjoys being somewhat of a housewife for him.

The comments quickly led to complaints and disappointments on Twitter and other social media platforms. Some complained that the actress had failed to understand the true meaning of feminism, which is really all about choice. By choosing to take care of her husband and work, the actress had a choice that women before her never had.

The joke about the feminism controversy at the People’s Choice Awards was not the only one Cuoco told. Before the event, she took to social media to joke about the recent controversy over her sinus surgery. Shortly after Christmas, the actress went into hospital for work on her sinuses, but many people believed that really she had a nose job.

While she had accepted that many would think this, she clarified that she had struggled to breathe properly for many years and had been putting this surgery off. If she had had a nose job, she would happily tell people. She did acknowledge that some people just like to hate, and that is something that many are doing who claim that she is lying about having a nose job.

However, she used Instagram to share a “before and after” photo of her nose job. She used silly putty for her after shot, making her nose look much larger than it originally was. Thousands of fans instantly liked the photo and commented on her sense of humor.

It has already been an interesting start of the year for Cuoco. There is always one celebrity who starts the year with a bang in some way. Last year it was Justin Bieber for his numerous spats with the law. This year, it seems to be Cuoco for her controversial comments and surgery.

This does not seem to stop the actress from enjoying her life. Luckily, she has a sense of humor to joke about various events happening in her life. The jokes at the People’s Choice awards about the feminism controversy has just been the recent show of that for Cuoco.

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