‘Kentucky Bonnie & Clyde’ Teenagers Caught After Two Week Crime Spree


Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips, who have risen to notoriety over the past two weeks as the “Kentucky Bonnie & Clyde”, have been caught by authorities after a multi-state crime spree that resulted in several carjackings and stolen checks across the southern United States. The process of extraditing the pair back to their home state has been started, and they are both said to face felony charges upon arrival. They are currently still in police custody.

It was just after midnight Sunday when U.S. Marshals stationed in Panama spotted the Kentucky partners in crime asleep in one of the vehicles that had been reported stolen during their aforementioned spree, a 2001 Toyota Tundra that a Georgia vehicle owners had recently informed police had been taken without permission. They were said to have been taken into custody without any kind of incidents occurring, such as the couple resisting arrest or detainment, etc.

The pair’s criminal adventure began at the beginning of this month, when Hayes and Phillips disappeared from their hometown, a small community in western Kentucky. Following their evanescent departure, the pair began a two-week escapade of stealing automobiles and pilfering checks in order to get themselves from one state to another and purchase sustenance to keep them going along the way. Tammy Martin, mother of Hayes, reportedly urged her son and his partner to end their reign of terror and surrender to the appropriate authorities in order to do what was right and face the consequences. There is no word yet as to whether or not this plea may have led to the aforementioned lack of resistance concerning the Kentucky couple’s arrest and detainment.

Martin has said that the pair began dating about three months ago, but that her son and the rest of the family were grossly misinformed as to her age for quite some time before the pair took off together. Everybody involved was informed that the girl was 19, a statement that was not disputed by the mother nor anyone else, given that she would allegedly walk into convenience stores and the like and return with cigarettes, and therefore the legitimacy of her supposed age was never something they suspected may not be as true as the girl was attempting to make it. Upon the realization that Phillips was a mere 13 years old, however, the Kentucky natives had reportedly already built up a union together that broke the barriers of an age dispute or its relevance whatsoever. Hayes is currently 18 years of age.

Hayes himself is said to have been running away from various legal troubles back home, including the possibility of facing charges regarding burglary and theft, results which stemmed from an arrest incident occurring sometime last year. By the time that the boy’s court date surrounding whether he would be indicted for said charges came around, he and his girlfriend had already fled. They subsequently spent the next few weeks evading police at every opportunity possible, going so far as to deliberately crash one of the trucks they stole and proceed to hide in the words until the coast was clear.

The ‘Kentucky Bonnie & Clyde” teenagers have been caught and are currently in custody. There is no word yet as to the exact charges they will be facing upon returning to their home state.

By Rebecca Grace

USA Today
CBS News
Fox News
Photo by Brent Moore – Flickr License

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