Kim Kardashian Says Bruce Jenner Is Going on Personal “Journey” [Video]


Kim Kardashian has given the statement that ex-stepfather Bruce Jenner is going on a “journey” one that is personal and is his own story to tell. The reality television star sat down with Entertainment Tonight for an interview that aired yesterday night.

The host introduces the topic by asking his guest if they could get to the bottom of what is currently going on with the former Olympian, in terms of the constant public speculation and gossip that he has made the decision to become a woman. The 34-year-old replied that she was well aware of the rumors, and that her response to the matter was going to be to let people be curious and form whatever opinion they may. Her reason for this, she says, lies with the fact that she believes whatever may or may not be going on with Jenner is his circumstance to explain and not anybody else’s.

The recent Instagram photograph all the Kardashian-Jenner girls took with the 65-year-old was then brought into the discussion, with the host detailing his view that the picture appeared to show all of the women in Jenner’s family showing solidarity and sticking by their father without question throughout all the allegations. Kardashian responded that of course this was true in that they all support the man no matter what he is going through and will always continue to. In terms of how the picture came about, she says that all the girls were simply present at Jenner’s home together and decided they wanted to capture the moment. However, she explains that they did not intend for the photograph to be interpreted as some kind of public message to those who are speculating that the family will stick together and ignore all the rumors; while her and her sisters do of course support their father throughout everything, she stated, photographing themselves together just sort of happened and was never meant to be directed to the media as any kind of statement.

Kardashian then reiterates her earlier statement that she does not feel she should be the one discussing the potential goings-on with Jenner, and that when he is ready to discuss the matter he will be the one to open up to whoever he feels he wants to share his story with. The host asked if his story will potentially be documented, and broadcasted as any type of show or movie, a suggestion which Kardashian declined as being plausible. In terms of how her stepfather is feeling, Kardashian states that the man is extremely happy at the stage of his life he is in at the current moment; in fact, Mrs. Kanye West even went so far as to say that Jenner is the happiest she has ever seen him and that he is simply enjoying life.

It remains to be seen what the exact situation is regarding Bruce Jenner and the possibility that he has decided to become a woman, a change which many speculate he has been working on for many years. Kim Kardashian, however, is adamant that she will not be any kind of information source on the matter whatsoever.

By Rebecca Grace

Entertainment Tonight
Photo by Eva Rinaldi – Flickr License

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