Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro Audition for the Same Role [Videos]

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro are two of the world’s most celebrated actors in American cinema. The stars have not collaborated on a project since Marvin’s Room in 1996, but have now been reunited in a Martin Scorsese-directed short film in which the two actors are actually auditioning for the same role.

The short is actually being made to promote the opening of two grand casinos owned by the same company, the first being The City of Dreams in Manila, Philippines with the second being Studio City in Macau. Two trailers have been released, both sharing similar footage in promotion of each resort. The trailers serve as a series of ads for the casinos, but with the likes of the Oscar-winning directorial skills of Scorsese helming the project, audiences are given a full-blown A-picture experience.

The trailers reveal DiCaprio and DeNiro both arriving at each of the specified casinos, dutifully rehearsing lines from a script they are reading. The two meet at the front door of the resort where they are greeted by none other than Scorsese himself. It is then when the director informs DeNiro and DiCaprio that they are, indeed, vying for the same part in his next movie. Copious amounts of angry staring then ensues from the two seasoned performers as each tries to intimidate the other.

One of the two trailers features a quick cameo of Brad Pitt, with his face being displayed on a huge billboard. Sources state that Pitt will also be a featured player in the short, confirming that this ad campaign has an extremely high budget. DiCaprio, DeNiro and Pitt were, reportedly, each paid north of $10 million for their work in the short, which happens to be entitled The Audition.

The film will mark Pitt’s first collaboration with the legendary director. Both DeNiro and DiCaprio have served as Scorsese’s top-billing actor in multiple projects. DeNiro was heavily featured in the director’s films in the seventies through the nineties and DiCaprio throughout the last two decades. The conglomeration of these four Hollywood A-Listers in one project will mark a piece of cinematic history, even though the production is a fairly small one.

Many viewers have already stated that they wish the stars were conducting a full-length feature film using this concept, as it is a very interesting take that is rarely seen in mainstream A-pictures. Even amidst the short trailers, DiCaprio and DeNiro seem to be showcased very well as actors and are still approaching the work at full speed, regardless of the production scale. The full version of the short is said to be released later in the year once the casinos have opened to the public. In the meantime, audiences can view the short advertisements that are nothing short of top-notch cinematic glamor thanks to the creative mind of Scorsese.

Audiences will have to wait a bit longer to watch Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro audition for the same role in Scorsese’s latest short film, but they will undoubtedly receive a healthy dosage of quality entertainment when the project releases mid-2015. The aforementioned trailers for The Audition can be viewed below.

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